How to activate Tesla Dyno Mode in 3 steps for performance testing

Tesla Dyno Mode can be activated in three easy steps for owners looking to test performance of their all-electric vehicle on a dynamometer and in a controlled setting.

Tesla owner and Drag Times YouTuber Brooks Weisblat posted a video on how to turn on the Dyno Mode on a Model 3 and see how the secret mode affected the car’s performance.

Information on how to enable Model 3 Dyno Mode is also documented on a Tesla EPA filing dated October 2019. The said document details how a user can activate the Dyno Mode in three easy steps.

How to activate Tesla Dyno Mode

  1. Vehicle must be in Park.
  2. While holding down left (turn signal) stalk, press and hold the Tesla “T” logo at the top of the screen.
  3. Enter Dyno Mode activation password, “dynotest”.

Dyno Mode can be deactivated by the user by pressing the “Power Off” button within the Safety & Securit tab of the UI.

Once the Dyno Mode is activated the car will prompt drivers with a warning that the vehicle is on Dyno Mode and that one should not drive on public roads. With the Dyno Mode on the vehicle’s traction control is disabled, stability control is disabled, as well as automatic emergency braking.

“Fair warning — be very, very careful,” said Weisblat.

The Dyno Mode was specifically created to have representative driving controls while testing the vehicle on a chassis dynamometer or a rolling-road dyno where proper vehicle testing and calibration are done.

Weisblat went for a drive to test the performance of the vehicle. Without a Dyno Mode on, his Tesla Model 3 was able to hit 60 mph from a full stop in 3.1 seconds. According to him, his best time historically is 2.9999.

The DragTimes YouTuber turned on Dyno Mode and did another 0-60 mph test and clocked in 3.1 seconds but felt a bit of wheelspin. He gave it a few more tries and was able to clock 3.027 seconds on better pavement. Tesla pegs the 0-60mph time of the Model 3 Performance at 3.2 seconds while its Long Range All-Wheel Drive and Standard Plus versions clock 4.4 seconds and 5.3 seconds, respectively.

Weisblat’s final opinion on the Model 3 Dyno Mode is that it provides a slight improvement but might provide a bit more on a sticky drag track but it’s hard to tell.

“Dyno Mode, it’s pretty much just used for if you’re gonna dyno the car,” he said.

But of course, Model 3 owners who want to drift their Model 3s need to switch off its amazing traction control. Some owners turn off a wheel sensor but the system can go haywire since something is missing. The system will turn off ABS, Autopilot, regenerative braking, and even power steering. Furthermore, taking a wheel sensor out can potentially damage a vehicle.

Again, the Tesla Dyno Mode was created for testing Teslas on a dynamometer. If one will try to drive while it’s on, better stay away from other cars or pedestrians, or better yet, do it on a track.

Here’s the new Tesla Dyno Mode video from Drag Times:

[embedded content]

Teslarati does not condone the use of Dyno Mode. Any information or opinion expressed in this article is to be processed at the discretion of the reader.

How to activate Tesla Dyno Mode in 3 steps for performance testing


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