Every Tesla Model Y sighting so far: Subtle refinements from unveiling event to today

A Tesla enthusiast recently compiled all of the sightings of the Model Y in chronological order. The video shows how Tesla has been fine-tuning the vehicle ahead of its initial production phases and its first deliveries later this year.

YouTuber and electric vehicle enthusiast Ryan Shaw compiled a complete collection of every Model Y sighting, from its first public sighting in April 2019 in Fremont, California outside of Tesla’s headquarters to most recent ones shared online. From this sighting alone, it was evident that the Model Y is indeed a larger, taller version of the Model 3 sedan. It also provided a brief hint at the vehicle’s third row seats, which appear to provide very little space.

Amidst Tesla enthusiasts spotting the car on what seemed like a daily basis, the company did everything from equipping the vehicle with calibration equipment to testing out different wheels that are were initially only available to the Model 3 in China. Tesla seemed to be leaving no stone unturned when it came to the Model Y, refining the vehicle’s design and features as-needed to ensure a successful launch of its first SUV-style vehicle since the Model X.

One of the biggest topics of discussion surrounding the Model Y is its size. Some may have been under the impression that it would not be as spacious as traditional crossovers. These speculations were addressed as Tesla started to roll out the Model Y for public road testing, and photographs and videos were taken of the vehicle driving next to a number of popular cars on the road. Based on these sightings, it is becoming evident that the Model Y’s size will be comparable to popular crossovers like the Honda CR-V.

Quite interestingly, the chronology of the Model Y sightings show the subtle refinements that Tesla’s release candidates have been displaying over the months. Initial sightings of the vehicle in the wild featured rough edges on the crossover, such as mismatched trims and a lack of badges. This was not the case with more recent footage and photos of the vehicle, which reveal a crossover that looks every bit like it’s slated to enter production soon.

The Model Y will begin production at the Fremont factory by the Summer and those who have pre-ordered the vehicle are expected to take delivery soon after. The vehicle will also be produced at Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai and Gigafactory 4 near Berlin. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has even announced that the Model Y would be GF4’s first production vehicle.

Crossovers are currently a dominant force in the American automotive sector and make up for a majority of vehicle purchases in the United States. While manufacturers like Audi, Jaguar, Kia, and Hyundai have all released all-electric crossovers, Tesla will use its established ecosystem of trademark driver-assist features, OTA improvements, and charging network to give the vehicle an advantage in the market.

You can watch Ryan Shaw’s video of every sighting of the Tesla Model Y below.

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Every Tesla Model Y sighting so far: Subtle refinements from unveiling event to today


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