Eibach release Renault Wind Chassis Kit

The innovative new ‘drop-top’ Wind from Renault is a great car in standard trim. But, thanks to German suspension gurus Eibach, Dieppe’s cute little convertible just enjoyed something of a personality shift, from boulevardier to ‘B’ road hero.Eibach Renault WInd

In standard form the car is a superb roadster and a brilliant drive, but for those looking to achieve the ultimate in pin-point handling, without upsetting the Renault’s superb road manners, Eibach have released a selection of chassis upgrades to endow the Wind with gale-force handling. This is achieved without inducing scuttle shake or spoiling the car’s balance.

The new Eibach Pro-Kit lowers the car by around 30mm and offers a drastically improved stance, better turn-in and lower centre of gravity for decisive direction changes. Working in harmony with the standard dampers, the Pro-Kit rides at almost factory comfort levels and truly offers the best of both worlds. These are priced at £143.48 + VAT.

The final finishing touches can be added by fitting one of the selection of Pro-Spacer kits. These range in width from 20mm to 60mm and by increasing the Wind’s track measurement can drastically improve lateral grip and turn-in. The Pro-Spacers start from £61.54 + VAT per pair.

The Main Benefits Of These Include:
Pro Kit

  • Improved handling and turn-in
  • Lower centre of gravity (Up to 30mm)
  • Progressive spring rate balances comfort and precision
  • Unrivalled ride quality
  • Part of the Eibach Pro-System Range


  • Hi-tensile aluminium alloy construction
  • Significant weight advantage over steel spacers
  • Reduction in unsprung weight
  • Exact fit for perfect wheel balance
  • High grade corrosion tolerance (salt-spray tested to DIN 50021)
  • All components fatigue tested

For more details on the Eibach range, please visit www.eibach.co.uk or call the team on 01455 285851.

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