Getting low with adjustable coilovers

Lowering your car is a must do for those who want to achieve a low ride stance and stiffen up the handling when it comes to cornering and general handling. There are a few different options when it comes to lowering your car or improving the handling.

For those who are looking for a hardcore stance and want to improve their overall handling then a set of adjustable coilovers could be an option for you.

Coilovers are available for most makes and models of vehicle as well as having different ride height options, some even adjustable dampening and camber depending on the brand you choose.
Don’t be confused by all the options, just do your research and you will find the right kit for your car.

One of the best things about adjustable coilovers is that you can change the ride height of your vehicle as often as you like.  Going to a show and want to put your car on the floor, then you can!!

Planning a long trip and need a little more comfort, simple just make a quick adjustment and your away!

Many people are still using lowering springs on their standard shockers which over time depending on the height can cause unnecessary damage, always seek professional advice before just lowering your car!

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