Eibach Launch New Audi A1 Chassis Upgrades

Audi’s superb new compact, the A1, now has the poise to match its pose thanks to the suspension gurus Eibach. The German manufacturer has released a spring and spacer package to endow the diminutive Deustchlander with class-leading levels of handling.

Whilst even the most hardened critics are struggling to find anything negative to say about Audi’s latest niche offering, the latest Eibach Pro-Kit package improves further on the already excellent chassis. By lowering the entire centre of gravity by approximately 30mm, the turn-in, grip and predictability of the car are hugely improved.

Sublime handling is all very well, but not if it’s at the expense of ride comfort. Here Eibach’s exclusive access to Audi’s factory chassis data prior to launch results in a factory-quality ride that perfectly matches the original dampers. This is achieved by Eibach’s progressive spring windings that effectively produce two spring characteristics in the one spring. Soft for straight line ambling, precise for spirited cornering. As the official supplier to Audi Sport – Ingolstadt’s Motorsport arm – for the last three seasons, the two firms enjoy a genuine two-way flow of information.

This isn’t simply an exercise in dynamics however; The A1’s balanced good looks are further enhanced by the aggressive stance of the Pro-Kit, giving the car a far more purposeful appearance. The kit is priced at £134.76 + VAT.

For those drivers wanting the ultimate aesthetic and dynamic enhancement, Eibach have also introduced a range of Pro-Spacers for the car. These precisely fitting spacers increase the vehicle track, further enhancing steering precision and improving the cars ability to cope with swift direction changes. The Pro-Spacer range starts at £33.04 for the 5mm versions.

The icing on the cake comes in the form of the industry-leading 5 year, unlimited mileage warranty on the Pro-Kit, ensuring enjoyable driving for many miles to come.

The Benefits at a glance include:

Pro Kit

  • Improved handling and turn-in
  • Lower centre of gravity (Up to 30mm)
  • Progressive spring rate balances comfort and precision
  • Unrivalled ride quality
  • Part of the Eibach Pro-System Range


  • Hi-tensile aluminium alloy construction
  • Significant weight advantage over steel spacers
  • Reduction in unsprung weight
  • Exact fit for perfect wheel balance
  • High grade corrosion tolerance (salt-spray tested to DIN 50021
  • All components fatigue tested

For more information, please click to www.eibach.co.uk or call the team on 01455 285851.

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