Edmunds readies for Tesla Model Y long term review, build quality in focus

One of the most recent recipients of the new all-electric Tesla Model Y Performance configuration was online automotive resource company Edmunds, who are preparing for a long term review of the electric crossover.

Edmunds’ Carlos Lago reviewed the vehicle on his own as the current COVID-19 virus continues to encourage people to keep their distance. While the virus stopped Edmund’s possibility of picking up the car at a Tesla store, it allowed the company to review not only the car and its impressive performance but also experience the electric automaker’s “touchless” approach to delivering the Model Y to consumers.

In focus will be Tesla Model Y’s build quality and long-term durability when used in an everyday setting. Unlike other media companies that are given press vehicles by automakers for review, Edmunds purchases their vehicles to conduct a real-world review. “A Tesla Model Y is now in our fleet, and that’s where our diverse range of staff and editors use the car just like you would. Commute it, take it to work, run errands with it, and so on, and so forth,” says Lago.

Edmunds’s long history with Tesla, having drawn the ire and applause of community supporters, sets the stage for nothing short of an interesting long term review to come.

For now, Edmunds’ initial impression of the Model Y in utility and performance is similar to the many early reviews we’ve seen from first customers.

It’s no secret that the Tesla Model Y’s shape is similar to the Model 3’s, and has an overall size that is comparable to the Model X. However, Lago suggests the Model Y’s shape is similar to what he calls the “coupe-style design” that has been adopted by German automakers for its SUVs.

The roominess of the Model Y is a clear distinction to its Model 3 sibling, notes Edmunds. With the expansive glass roof design and rear hatch design, Edmunds takes note of Model Y’s spaciousness. “Altogether, the space is really the highlight,” Lago explains.

The large cargo space helped by the automatic fold-down rear seats was recently highlighted by Brian Jenkins of i1Tesla, who camped in the back of his Model Y with a Tesla compatible air mattress.

The Model Y handles impressively. Led by the placement of its heavy and durable battery pack, the lithium-ion cells located underneath the car provide a lower center of gravity. Along with a revised suspension system, which Sandy Munro has said makes the car feel like its “on rails,” the Model Y’s handling seems to be second-to-none. “It gives the vehicle a tightness and responsiveness that’s engaging, that’s really fun to drive,” Lago says. “You can feel that difference in every Tesla product.”

Additionally, the Model Y’s Performance variant offered speed and acceleration that Lago was impressed with. Edmunds purchased the optional Performance Upgrade for its new Tesla, which includes an additional 10 MPH of top speed, 21″ Überturbine Wheels, performance brakes, a lowered suspension, and aluminum alloy pedals. Each of these contributed to a driving experience that Lago enjoyed, which he seems to suggest is expected when driving a Tesla.

The Model Y has been expected to be Tesla’s most popular vehicle yet. Its impressive performance combined with 316-mile EPA estimated range, a fresh cosmetic design, and a spacious interior all contribute to this theory. As Tesla has broken into the compact, midsize SUV market, many people expect the Model Y to disrupt the sector, which has established itself as one of the most popular body styles in the world. With Edmunds giving an honest review that came off as positive, it will be no surprise if the Model Y ends up being Tesla’s biggest seller yet.

Watch Edmunds’ Carlos Lago highlight the Tesla Model Y Performance in their lead up to an upcoming long term review.

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Edmunds readies for Tesla Model Y long term review, build quality in focus


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