Getting low with adjustable coilovers

Lowering your car is a must do for those who want to achieve a low ride stance and stiffen up the handling when it comes to cornering and general handling. There are a few different options when it comes to lowering your car or improving the handling.

For those who are looking for a hardcore stance and want to improve their overall handling then a set of adjustable coilovers could be an option for you.

Coilovers are available for most makes and models of vehicle as well as having different ride height options, some even adjustable dampening and camber depending on the brand you choose.
Don’t be confused by all the options, just do your research and you will find the right kit for your car.

One of the best things about adjustable coilovers is that you can change the ride height of your vehicle as often as you like.  Going to a show and want to put your car on the floor, then you can!!

Planning a long trip and need a little more comfort, simple just make a quick adjustment and your away!

Many people are still using lowering springs on their standard shockers which over time depending on the height can cause unnecessary damage, always seek professional advice before just lowering your car!

Eibach Release New Pro-Street S Kit for VW Golf 6

Leading suspension designers Eibach have just released details of their latest upgrade for the new Golf Mk 6: Their Pro-Street S adjustable coilover kit.

The latest kit, designed specifically for the car, uses the latest materials and construction techniques to give the VW a wide range of ride-height adjustment, while still retaining a fantastic ride quality. As the name suggests, Pro-Street S are designed with road use in mind, although their stainless steel construction, precision damper units and unparalleled build quality mean that they will also be a pretty effective upgrade on track, too.

The adjustable spring seat can be easily wound up or down in order to achieve the perfect stance – or corner weighting, before being easily locked off with a stainless allen bolt. Eibach actually uses the hugely respected ERS range of race springs on the Pro-Street units, which goes a long way towards explaining their race pedigree. Although not designed as a race-spec unit, there are numerous club-level competitors using them to great effect in various saloon series around the UK.

Ride height cab be adjusted from almost stock level to drops of around – 60mm. Damper rates are computer matched with the springs at the Eibach factory, making the Pro-Street S a true ‘fit and forget’ proposition once the desired ride-height has been set. The entire set of 4 costs just £702.61 plus VAT.

For more details on the Eibach range, please click to or call the team on 01455 285851.

Cobra Suspension For E36 and E46 3 Series BMW

BMW may have created ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’, but owners of the superb E36 and E46 3 series models can make theirs even better still, thanks to Cobra Suspension.cobra_s2000_unit_240x768

The respected manufacturer has released details of its new Evo III Suspension set-up for both cars. Most engine variants are covered, from the 316 upwards, with special kits developed for the much vaunted M3 models.

Whilst the standard cars are hugely capable, chances are that the standard suspension is getting a little tired and ready for replacement. The Cobra kit offers adjustable height, damping and rebound to endow the 3 series with grip and traction beyond even its original capabilities. The Evo III kit also offers both inboard and outboard damping control.

The Evo III kit utilises a twin tube gas pressure system and offers up to 80mm of controllable height adjustment. The stainless steel bodies use polyurethane bushes and a specially designed bumpstop to give the car a precise feel with improved turn-in and driver feedback. The kit also comes with a fully comprehensive 12 months warranty.

Prices start at just £1,169. + VAT for the E46 kit rising to £1,709 + VAT for the M3 models. For more details please visit or call Cobra on 01530 517920.

Cobra Evo Coilovers For The Fiat 500

The new generation Fiat 500 has been winning as many fans this time round as its elder brother did in the very beginning. The addictive combination of cute retro styling, fizz-bomb engines and cheeky handling make the Fiat a real hoot to drive.

For those enthusiasts looking for precision handling and adjustability from the car, Cobra Suspension may just have the answer. Their beautifully constructed Evo Stainless Steel Coilover kits for the funky 500 are suitable for the 1.2, 1.4 and 1.3D versions and offer the driver adjustable lowering up to 60mm from factory ride height. This also allows track-day enthusiasts the ability to accurately corner-weight the car for ultimate poise.

The units utilise twin-tube gas dampers which eliminate the fade and ‘frothing’ which can often occur with oil-based dampers, couple with chrome silicon racing springs and precision polyurethane bushes to endow the baby Fiat with true Go-Kart like responses.

The units come with full TUV approval, a class leading 2 year warranty and are priced at £824.25 + VAT.

For more details please visit or call Cobra on 01530 517920.

Dodge Challenger Multipro Kit. Coiled For Action!

The stunning new Dodge Challenger may have left the factory with flawless styling and breathtaking performance, but let’s be honest, like all true Muscle Cars there’s a little room for improvement in the handling department.

Suspension gurus Eibach used the recent SEMA show in the US to launch their stunning new Multipro kit for the car, which endows the Dodge with race-car adjustability combined with road-car usability. The firm’s demo car was on show in their SEMA booth and proved that in addition to the numerous handling benefits, Multipro can also give the car a killer stance!

The kit uses lightweight aluminium construction and 10-way adjustable compression and rebound damping to provide ultimate adjustability. The springs used are direct from Eibach’s ERS race range and are coupled with precision spherical upper mounts to allow perfect alignment and set up. Track-day enthusiasts now even have the opportunity to accurately cornerweight the car for sublime handling whereas fast-road aficionados can select comfort, ultimate grip – or anything in-between. Priced at just £2,100.00 + VAT, the kit offers a real transformation at a realistic price.

For drivers looking for the ultimate in sublime handling, Eibach will also be launching a full Anti-roll bar kit for the car early in 2009. Fans of the Challenger will love the fact that the car, complete with its full complement of Eibach kit will be on show in their booth at the 2009 Autosport show, stand number E232 in Hall 9. Check it out!