Eibach Release New Pro-Street S Kit for VW Golf 6

Leading suspension designers Eibach have just released details of their latest upgrade for the new Golf Mk 6: Their Pro-Street S adjustable coilover kit.

The latest kit, designed specifically for the car, uses the latest materials and construction techniques to give the VW a wide range of ride-height adjustment, while still retaining a fantastic ride quality. As the name suggests, Pro-Street S are designed with road use in mind, although their stainless steel construction, precision damper units and unparalleled build quality mean that they will also be a pretty effective upgrade on track, too.

The adjustable spring seat can be easily wound up or down in order to achieve the perfect stance – or corner weighting, before being easily locked off with a stainless allen bolt. Eibach actually uses the hugely respected ERS range of race springs on the Pro-Street units, which goes a long way towards explaining their race pedigree. Although not designed as a race-spec unit, there are numerous club-level competitors using them to great effect in various saloon series around the UK.

Ride height cab be adjusted from almost stock level to drops of around – 60mm. Damper rates are computer matched with the springs at the Eibach factory, making the Pro-Street S a true ‘fit and forget’ proposition once the desired ride-height has been set. The entire set of 4 costs just £702.61 plus VAT.

For more details on the Eibach range, please click to www.eibach.co.uk or call the team on 01455 285851.

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