World’s fastest Tesla Model S Plaid undergoes major changes

You may have seen the formerly wrecked, then gutted 2022 Tesla Model S Plaid that had most of its body cut off and set the quarter mile record back in August, but now, it is a completely different creation dubbed the “Plaidessey.”

YouTube channel BoostedBoiz is making another major change by chopping off what little remained of the Plaid and dropping a 2001 Honda Odyssey body onto what’s left to create the “ultimate sleeper.”

In all fairness, the Odyssey body actually fits pretty well over the Model S, with less than two inches separating the wheelbase and only minor changes needed for the fenders.

One hurdle was the B pillar of the van not lining to where the Model S had its B pillar, but once the front windshield of the Model S was cut off, it made the accessibility into the car much easier.

The “Plaidessey” halfway through the changes (Credit: BoostedBoiz YouTube)

Before this major alteration, they set the Model S Plaid quarter mile world record by running 8.71 seconds down the dragstrip after cutting off the body and adding an aluminum shell to help with aerodynamics.

After setting the world record, they ran into another problem with the suspension getting stuck in low mode and even took it by a couple of Tesla dealerships in Florida to see if they could help with the issue. Unsurprisingly they weren’t able to get much help considering the changes made.

They were eventually able to enlist the help of Electrified Garage to help narrow down their issues and get a replacement part shipped out to fix the suspension.

Check out the transformation on the BoostedBoiz’s channel below!

What do you think of this creation from a 2022 Model S Plaid turned “Cyberkart” and now the “Plaidessey?”

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World’s fastest Tesla Model S Plaid undergoes major changes


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