V-Tech Red and Green Tuning Boxes. The Real ‘I-Tune’

Diesel tuning experts V-Tech have just turned the diesel tuning market on its head, with their latest two product releases, The Red and Green tuning boxes.

Superceding the firms previous EcoBox and Powerbox ranges, the new V-Tech range makes life much easier for customers by offering the Greenbox for those who want to improve their fuel consumption – by as much as 15% – and the Redbox for those looking for more power, combined with better driveability and economy. Nearly all applications are ‘plug and play’, clipping neatly into the factory wiring loom with OEM connectors, making it a relatively simple job for even the most mechanically inept.

Where V-Tech differs from its competitors is that it allows the end user to have freedom to change and tweak the tuning parameters of the box to suit their driving style – or financial situation. Both units can be ordered with the optional ability to plug straight into the USB port of any Windows based device, such as a phone, lap-top or PDA, allowing the driver to access the ECU and change torque and power delivery characteristics, using simple, easy to understand software. Basically, if you can load tunes onto an I-Pod, you can personalise V-Tech.

Redbox owners can enjoy up to 20% more power by switching to the appropriate setting, or should they suddenly feel the pinch of the credit-crunch, can swiftly switch the unit over to an economy setting and enjoy the same benefits as the Greenbox – or indeed, anything inbetween. Greenbox owners who suddenly feel the urge for a little more ‘go’ can simply upgrade their software online at the V-Tech site and turn their fuel sipper into something significantly quicker.

Upon launching the product, V-tech Uk Managing Director, Richard Bulmer said, ‘With the advent of devices like the I-Pod and Sat-Nav, there’s a lot of switched on consumers out there that like to be able to control and update their electronic devices. Why should your car be any different? People’s needs change over time and what you need your car to do today, may not be right for tomorrow. V-tech comes future-proofed for any changes that you may wish to make for years to come and can be changed on a day-to-day basis to maximise your driving enjoyment and value.’

Prices start at £315 inc. VAT for the Greenbox and £345 Inc. VAT for the Redbox. During December these are being offered at the discounted price of £299 and £315 respectively. For those looking for ultimate control, the ‘Pro’ version at £395 comes fully unlocked for self-tuning capability. However, any box can be upgraded on-line at a later date.

So whether you’re a tree-hugger, hot lapper, road racer or even just a gadget freak, there’s bound to be a V-Tech for you. Don’t settle for a ‘one size fits all solution’, because when it comes to your car, now you don’t have to.

For more information on the V-Tech range and its fitments, please visit www.vtech-tuning.co.uk.

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