Used Modified Cars Under £10,000 in 2018

Summer’s right around the corner, meaning many people will be looking to switch their car of choice. If you are looking at buying a modified car, and have a budget of under £10,000, we’ve compiled our top ten list using cars for sale today.

This list compiles our favourite ten modified cars for under 10k. This list should give you the inspiration you need to find that perfect summer car. Included in our list is a wide variety of cars, from full show cars, to lightly modified motors.

1 – Volkswagen Scirocco GT Tdi 170 – £7,700

VW Scirocco For Sale Under £10,000

If you are looking for a bit of get up and go from a modified car, along with German build quality, then this tastefully modified VW Scirocco is ideal. Sitting on Eibach springs and 19″ AVRS Alloys, this car is totally stock under the hood. The Autovogue bodykit and custom exhaust build make this car stand out from the crowd visually.

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2 – Audi A3 Air ride – £6,300

Audi A3 For Sale

Another German hatchback, and that isn’t a bad thing. Looks, German engineering, reliability & practicality. All things that are sought after in when buying a used car. This example stands out from the crowd with it’s air ride suspension. And a remapped 1.2 engine means it has some poke for a small engined car!

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3 – Ford Focus ST Mk2 – £7,000

Ford Focus ST For Sale

We’re going with another hatchback for our third pick, however this one originates from Ford. The ever so popular Focus ST Mk 2 to be precise. This Focus ST is a monster, pushing 330bhp and 408ft lbs of torque thanks to its Dreamscience tuned engine. It backs up those power figures by looking the part with it’s Air Lift suspension and Schmidt alloys.

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4 – VW Polo 6R – £7,500

VW Polo For Sale

Number 4 goes to our cover car and this show ready Polo looks drop dead gorgeous. Sitting on bagged suspension, this Polo has R32 body panels, Audi alloys, and a custom R32 style exhaust. This is real head turner, while maintaining practical.

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5 – BMW E92 320D – £5,995

Modified BMW 3 series for sale

We are taking a break from the practical hatchbacks with our next pick and going coupe. If you are looking for a modified German Coupe, then it wont be long before you stumble across the E92 BMW. There are plenty of these around, and many have been modified. Although this one, with it’s Matt Gold wrap really stands out from the crowd. Other than the wrap, this tame 320D has been remapped, and sits on 19″ Quantum S1 alloys.

View the full listing here.

6 – Audi A5 Xclusive Performance – £9,995

Audi A5 For Sale

Continuing the theme of German coupes, our next pick is the mighty Audi A5. This one has been heavily modified by Xclusive Performance. Giving it a whole new wide bodykit, alloys, exhaust and various RS5 finishes. If you are looking for a completed project car then this is a great pick, as all work has been completed by a professional garage to a high standard. This car is a steal for under £10,000.

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7 – Audi A5 – £8,250

Audi A5 For Sale

Two Audi A5’s in a row? Yes, well this one is for those who like their cars a little more stock and original. This car crams in the modifications with Stance+ Ultra Coilovers, a set of sweet 19” Rotiform CCV rims and a stage 1 remap performed byMOTECH PERFORMANCE to name a few. Also you’ll spot a bevy of RS5 body parts and you’ll sure hear it coming with a centre box delete.

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8 – Bagged VW Bora – £2,900

Vw Bora For Sale

This VW Bora is a retro pick, and a favourite of ours. It sits absolutely perfectly on Air Lift AutoPilot V2 creating that iconic slammed look, and the bagged suspension setup and rims on this car cost just as much as the sale price! This Volkswagen is an absolute steal for just shy of £3k.

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9 – Nissan 350z GT – £8,000

Nissan 350z For Sale

If you love your car to stand out of the crowd, you can’t nail it as much as with this Orange 350z. This modified 350z is finished in a factory orange, and has plenty of alterations to make it unique. You can start with a full sports suspension setup, with genuine Nissan GTR wheels, a host of Nismo upgrades, engine remap and a full Scorpion Exhaust system. This is a real head turner.

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9 – VW Golf Mk3 Show Car – £5,200

VW Golf For Sale

We’re rounding out our list strongly with this stunning Golf Mk3 show car. This Golf is custom from front to back, riding on Airlift Air Ride installed by the guys over at Only Charged Dubs. On the outside is a new paint job in VW Peppermint Green, with custom smoothed panels, and moving inside you’ll find a Genuine Quick release Neochrome NRG steering wheel, along with reworked Cream leather and vintage touches. To top it all off, this Golf has hardly any miles on it for it’s age, as it’s been used as a show car! You really wont find many custom cars this clean for under £10,000.

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