Thor Racing Laser Cut Stainless Instruments

Thor Racing Laser Cut Stainless Instruments. Cut A Dash!

For the one component that you spend most of your driving time looking at, your poor old gauges are usually at the back of the queue when it comes to improving aesthetics. Luckily, THOR Racing has stepped forward to banish dreary dashboards forever with their beautifully machined Stainless Steel Dash Kits.

Available for almost every car, each kit contains precision CNC’d gauge covers that allow all factory backlighting to shine through in its original positions, maintaining full legality and ergonomics. Better still, through the use of tailored filters, the backlighting colour can also be changed to any hue that you wish.

The gauges come as standard in an attractive brushed finished, but can be custom ordered in any paint code and lasered with practically any logo or message to create a truly individual dashboard. In addition to the main gauges, most auxiliary gauge and ‘tell-tale’ positions can also be catered for.

Fitment is relatively simple, requiring the removal of the dashboard binnacle and gauge pod and can usually be completed within 1 or 2 hours on most vehicles. Prices start at £80 + VAT for a three gauge brushed kit.

For more details on the vast THOR range of tuning parts please click to or call the team on 08452 60 57 60

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