Prolong Waterless Car Wash and Shine

Prolong. Clean Car. Warm Hands. Clear Conscience

Just when you’d given up all thought of braving the cold to wash the family motor, those clever chaps at Prolong have come up with the perfect solution. The Prolong Waterless Wash & Shine range gives a factory shine without the need for buckets, hoses or even water!

Good news as temperatures plummet and cars get dirtier. The unique Prolong formulation washes, shines and protects in one easy application. But how does it all work? It’s simple really. The Wash & Shine is sprayed onto a filthy car, encapsulating the muck by surrounding the dirt particles with lubricating agents and gently lifting them from the painted surface. It’s then easily wiped off, without scratching to leave a flawless shine and protective coating. Best of all it works on exterior paint, chrome, aluminium and glass.

Prolong UK top boffin, Mike Purchase, makes a compelling case for waterless washing. ‘As we hit Winter, it’s no fun manhandling buckets of rapidly cooling water, or fighting a freezing hosepipe on a frosty morning.’ He explained. ‘Washing with water also makes a complete mess of the surrounding area and isn’t great for the environment either. In the UK, we waste millions of gallons of water each year washing our cars. This product does it with a few sprays and a few minutes polishing.’

Whilst keeping fingers toasty warm in winter may seem like a good idea, the Waterless Wash & Shine system also provides unrivalled cleaning performance all year round, for any type of car. So whether you’re trying to do your bit to save the planet – or just trying to save a bit of time, Prolong Waterless Wash and Shine is the perfect way to do both.

Visit or call them on 01628 828473 to find out more.


  • Will Not Scratch Paint
  • Cleans, Shines and Protects In Minutes Without Water
  • One Step.. Wipes Up Dirt, Lays Down Shine
  • No Mess.. Use Anywhere, Anytime
  • Cold .. OR Hot, Year Round Use
  • Saves Money, Saves Water, Saves Time!

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