The Tesla Cybertruck looks like a beast in the snow in NZ winter test videos

It appears that the Tesla Cybertruck would be quite a beast in the snow. This was hinted at in recent videos of the all-electric pickup truck taken at the Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds (SHPG) in New Zealand.

Last month, Tesla brought over the Cybertruck to New Zealand for winter tests. Images shared online suggested that two units of the all-electric pickup truck were at the site — one covered with a camouflage wrap and another in stainless steel. Both Cybertrucks, as well as Tesla’s S3XY lineup, were also sighted in the winter testing location.

As per a previous video from Tesla, vehicles are sent over to the SHPG in New Zealand so that they can be winter-tested in months like July, when it is summer in the United States. Considering the presence of Tesla’s vehicle lineup in the area, it would not be surprising if another winter test feature gets shared by the company in the coming months.

Thanks to the efforts of Tesla enthusiasts in New Zealand, some footage of the electric vehicle maker’s winter tests has been shared online. These include snippets of the Cybertruck duo as they were being put through their paces in the snow. Based on the videos, at least, it appears that the all-electric pickup truck handles snowy roads and frigid conditions just fine.

Over several videos, the two Cybertrucks could be seen being driven with some speed around the winter testing site. At one point, the camouflaged Cybertruck unit was briefly drifted on what seemed like icy roads. The vehicle remained stable, and its driver seemed to have no problem controlling the hulking all-electric pickup truck.

With Cybertruck production expected to start in the coming months, it is pertinent for Tesla to finalize aspects of the vehicle. The Cybertruck, after all, will likely be used for a variety of purposes, from overlanding to actual work. Tesla must then ensure that the Cybertruck handles well in every terrain, including snow and ice. Fortunately, the short videos of the Cybertruck’s winter tests at the SHPG suggest that the vehicle would be very capable during winter.

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The Tesla Cybertruck looks like a beast in the snow in NZ winter test videos


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