Tesla’s 42 million compact EV sales target is not as insane as it looks

To state that Tesla’s Master Plan Part 3 is ambitious would be an understatement. The document itself is an extensive call to arms for every company to embrace sustainability. It also included aspirational targets for the Tesla vehicle lineup, present and future. 

Immediately noticeable in a table presented by the EV maker was the fact that its planned compact car, a next-generation vehicle expected to be produced in Giga Mexico, is expected to see sales of 42 million units in the long term. As per Master Plan Part 3, the global fleet of vehicles in the same segment is a whopping 686 million. 

Tesla bears and critics promptly pounced on the idea of Tesla aspirationally targeting sales of 42 million for a yet-to-be-released car. But it should be noted that while such a target seems ridiculous today, it is feasible. The target, after all, is most likely long-term, so it would not be achieved within the next few years.

Plus, attaining 42 million sales of one vehicle has already been done by an automaker. Back in 2021 alone, it was reported that the ubiquitous Toyota Corolla has already sold over 50 million units since it made its debut in 1966. That’s 50 million units sold across 12 generations. Other vehicles like the Volkswagen Golf are no slouch either, with 35.5 million units sold at the time. 

With this in mind, Tesla definitely has a chance to create the next Corolla or Golf with its upcoming compact car. There are already a number of affordable electric cars today that are priced in the same $25,000 range as Tesla’s upcoming compact EV. However, Tesla’s upcoming compact is expected to have superior range, performance, and overall value for money compared to existing players in the affordable EV segment. 

While the idea of a Tesla achieving the same number of sales as the Toyota Corolla seems like a pipe dream for now, one should keep in mind that the same reservations existed for the EV maker’s previous vehicles like the Model 3 sedan and Model Y crossover. Elon Musk has noted that the Model Y could very well become the world’s best-selling car by volume, and that’s becoming more realistic by the year. Considering that Tesla’s next-generation car is expected to outsell the Model Y by a huge margin, attaining similar sales as the Toyota Corolla definitely seems realistic. 

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Tesla’s 42 million compact EV sales target is not as insane as it looks


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