Tesla Sweden states IF Metall’s employee strike numbers are incorrect

Tesla Sweden refuted local reports stating that 44 employees joined IF Metall’s strike. 

The Mediation Institute recently released its annual report, sharing some information about IF Metall’s strike against Tesla. The Mediation Institute is an agency under Sweden’s Ministry of Labor. One of the agency’s tasks is to mediate labor disputes. 

The Mediation Institute report stated that a total of 1,936 working days were “lost’ during IF Metall’s strike against Tesla. Swedish outlet Dagens Nyheter calculated that 44 Tesla employees participated in IF Metall’s strike based on the agency’s report. A Tesla rep has stated that the number is incorrect.

“No, how did they come up with those numbers,” Tesla spokesperson Maria Lantz told Tesla Club Sweden

Lantz did not release the official number of Tesla employees who joined the Swedish union’s strike. However, she did share that “over 90% of the approximately 300 [Tesla] employees have chosen to remain in their positions.” 

IF Metall refused to release the number of Tesla employees actively participating in its strike. The Mediation Institute’s report doesn’t divulge the number either. The report only states the number of Tesla employees affected by the strike. 

“On 17 October, IF Metall notified TM Sweden AB (Tesla) of an industrial action against Tesla [sic]. The combat measures intended [a] strike and blockade of all work at all of the company’s workplaces in Sweden. According to the information, there are approximately 120 workers within the current contract area, of which approximately half [are] IF Metall members,” noted the agency’s report. 

Based on the agency’s report, IF Metall’s strike only affects 120 Tesla employees, a drastically different number from the 300 workers Lantz mentioned in her response. It seems that the union’s strike only affects Tesla’s workshops, despite the industrial action stating that there would be a strike or blockade on all of Tesla’s workplaces in Sweden. IF Metall previously noted that the strike does not include white-collar workers.

Of the 120 workers affected by the union, 60 or half are IF Metall members–those who would be expected to join the strike against Tesla. However, IF Metall expelled 20 members last year for not joining its Tesla strike. 

Given the information above, at least 40 Tesla employees would be expected to join the strike. However, the count remains elusive. Tesla Sweden Club members have attempted to find the answer by visiting all the repair shops across Sweden. It found that far below 40 Tesla employees have joined IF Metall’s strike. The Swedish union denied the Club’s findings.

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Tesla Sweden states IF Metall’s employee strike numbers are incorrect


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