Tesla SVP Automotive Tom Zhu adds 339k TSLA shares

Tesla SVP Automotive Tom Zhu has acquired an additional 339,060 TSLA shares. The update was listed in a Form 4 filing with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

As can be seen in the Form 4 filing, Zhu acquired 2,775 TSLA shares as an incentive stock option and 336,285 TSLA shares as a non-qualified stock option. Both transactions were listed with a May 18, 2023 date.

Considering that TSLA ended Tuesday at $185.77 per share, the 339,060 shares that the executive acquired are worth about $62.98 million today. The “A” transaction code in the Form 4 filing indicates that the shares Zhu acquired were a “grant, award, or other acquisition,” as per the SEC on its official website.

The document also explains that “1/48th of the aggregate shares subject to the option became vested and exercisable on May 19, 2023, and 1/48th of the shares subject to the option shall become vested and exercisable each month thereafter.” This suggests that all shares that are part of the option will be fully vested on April 2027.

Reports from earlier this year suggest that Tom Zhu has been rising up Tesla’s ranks. Tesla China is arguably one of Tesla’s most efficient and effective branches, and Zhu is a big reason behind its performance. As per an SEC filing from the electric vehicle maker, Zhu started serving as the senior vice president of Tesla’s automotive business in April.

This effectively made Zhu one of the most important employees of the company, alongside other key individuals like CEO Elon Musk, SVP of Powertrain and Engineering Andrew Baglino, and CFO Zachary Kirkhorn. Prior to the SEC filing, reports already suggested that Zhu had been brought in from China to help ramp up Gigafactory Texas, a facility that produces the Model Y and the Cybertruck. 

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Tesla SVP Automotive Tom Zhu adds 339k TSLA shares


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