Tesla Roadsters abandoned in China have ‘several’ offers above $1M

The abandoned trio of Tesla Roadsters found in a China supply container have “several” offers north of $1,000,000 after bidding was extended late last week with a top bid of $800,000.

We’ve written several articles regarding the trio of original Tesla Roadster vehicles that were discovered in China in an abandoned shipping container with no miles.

Bidding was expected to end on May 26, and a final bid came in on May 24 at $800,000, $50,000 higher than the previous high bid of $750,000. More details flooded in through Gruber Motors last week, including the recipient of the three vehicles, which was an R&D arm of a Chinese automaker that went bankrupt.

Gruber said:

“The original purchaser was an R&D center for a Chinese auto company, that subsequently went bankrupt, and the assumption is these were purchased for reverse engineering to be disassembled.  In 2010, the Tesla Roadster was after all a state-of-the-art EV, before the Model S even came out, and would have been of enormous value to an emerging EV company.”

There was even a fourth disassembled vehicle that was recovered in a variety of shipping crates.

Tesla Roadster Trio in China gets new high bid, and new details

Gruber Motors had extended the bidding until June 2, and it may be due to the fact that the company is still receiving bids, and they are being vetted because they are over $1 million.

According to Fox News, there are actually “several” bids over $1 million, and Pete Gruber himself confirmed this.

It was interesting that the three vehicles had only obtained a bid of $800,000 by the time the original end date had rolled around, especially considering another auction of an original Roadster with some miles driven on it had accumulated bids of nearly $1.5 million, and this was only for a single unit.

Bidding will end on June 2, as of now, and we will keep you updated with any further developments.

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Tesla Roadsters abandoned in China have ‘several’ offers above $1M


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