Tesla resumes Gigafactory 1 solar panel installations

Tesla has resumed the buildout of its planned solar roofing system on its Gigafactory 1 in Reno, Nevada amidst the company’s positive third-quarter earnings report earlier this week.

Aerial images of Gigafactory 1 show additional progress has been made on the facility’s roof in the Nevada desert following the company’s quarterly earnings call that included plans to release new solar products to the public. Tesla has always planned to have Gigafactory 1 run on entirely renewable energy, with the factory’s roof capable of holding a 70 MW solar system. The array will be responsible for powering the entire 13-million square foot site when it is completed sometime in the future.

While Gigafactory 1 is operating on some solar panels already, Tesla is obviously taking steps to install the remaining portions of the roof with solar panels in order to create a completely clean source of manufacturing for its battery cells and vehicles. Tesla spokespeople have stated in the past the company is working on optimizing the current power lines in order to create an environmentally sustainable manufacturing plant, a goal of the company’s since its initial design in November 2013. Tesla broke ground on the facility less than a year later in June 2014.

Tesla has always planned to have Gigafactory 1 operate on completely renewable energy. The company installed several clusters of solar panels in August 2018. During these installations last year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk stated Gigafactory 1 would be powered entirely by renewable energy by the end of 2019, a timeframe that will likely be pushed back. However, Tesla’s progress toward powering the entire facility is becoming evident. According to Tesla’s page regarding Gigafactory 1 on its website, the manufacturing plant is only 30% completed.

The solar panels will assist in the production of battery cells and electric vehicles in Gigafactory 1, where Tesla had ramped up the production rates in November 2018. The factory produces battery cells for the Model 3, as well as energy storage systems like the Powerwall and Powerpack.

When the solar panel installation project at Gigafactory 1 is completed, it will be recognized as one of the biggest manufacturing plants in the world as it transitions to renewable forms of energy for operation. It will be one of the cleanest, most energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly buildings in the world. Tesla plans for all of its manufacturing plants to become completely reliant on sustainable forms of energy, making the company produce Earth-friendly vehicles in Earth-friendly manufacturing settings.

Tesla resumes Gigafactory 1 solar panel installations


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