Tesla quietly updates its 3rd-slowest sedan to be quicker than the Ferrari Testarossa

When Tesla released the Mid-Range Model 3, it was positioned as an entry-level vehicle that is designed to provide a practical, reasonably-priced way for customers to get into the company’s ecosystem. The Mid-Range Model 3 was thus conservatively specced, with performance figures that were closer to that of the Standard Range Model 3 than the more expensive Long Range AWD variant. 

The Mid-Range Tesla Model 3 was launched with a 0-60 mph time of 5.6 seconds, a top speed of 125 mph, and a range of 260 miles. Since Tesla was not able to manufacture its Standard Range battery packs yet then, the electric car maker equipped the Mid-Range Model 3 with a Long Range battery pack with fewer cells, giving the vehicle its 260-mile range. The Mid-Range Model 3 was ultimately retired upon the arrival of the Standard Range and Standard Range Plus Model 3, which took its place as Tesla’s entry-level vehicle. 

Being part of the Model 3 family, the Mid-Range Model 3 has received improvements that the company has rolled out to the vehicle. In January, for one, Tesla updated the vehicle’s range to 264 miles per charge. Last March, the vehicle’s performance received improvements as well. And with Tesla’s most recent 5% over-the-air performance boost, the Mid-Range Model 3 got better once more. 

Tesla owner-enthusiast nukem384, who owns a Mid-Range Model 3, recently tested his vehicle’s acceleration after receiving the electric car maker’s most recent performance update. In the Tesla owner’s tests, the Mid-Range Model 3 was able to sprint from 0-60 mph in 4.9 seconds consistently. These figures are incredibly impressive, considering that breaking the 5-second barrier places the Mid-Range Model 3 into high-performance car territory. 

Such acceleration numbers, in fact, actually make the Mid-Range Model 3 quicker from 0-60 mph than the legendary and iconic Ferrari Testarossa, which was one of the Italian supercar-maker’s most recognizable vehicles to date. The Testarossa is arguably one of Ferrari’s best creations, and the exhaust note from its naturally-aspirated V12 engines is nothing short of legendary. The vehicle also received cult status for being the hero car in the popular show Miami Vice

Performance-wise, the Testarossa is nothing to scoff about. The supercar is worthy of its Ferrari badge, with its 0-60 mph time of 5.2 seconds and its top speed of 180 mph. Mid-engined, raw, and unapologetically manual, the Testarossa is probably one of the most recognizable Ferraris ever made. A proper supercar, and one that is now capable of being outrun by a young automaker’s “3rd-slowest” family sedan after a free over-the-air software update

In the age of electric cars and internet-connected vehicles, over-the-air performance updates are a true difference-maker. Tesla is arguably the only automaker that does this today, but hopefully, as more carmakers follow the trend of tech-centric high-performance cars, OTA performance updates will soon be the norm. Until then, Tesla’s electric cars will likely keep improving as evidenced by a Tesla Model 3 Performance, a car without a dedicated Launch Mode, recently breaking the 3-second barrier in a 0-60 mph test.

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Tesla quietly updates its 3rd-slowest sedan to be quicker than the Ferrari Testarossa


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