Tesla protesters building tree houses near Giga Berlin

About 80 environmental activists are protesting against Tesla Giga Berlin’s expansion by building tree houses in the forests near the factory. 

The activists’ recent actions support the residents of Grünheide, who voted against Tesla’s expansion plans for Gigafactory Berlin. 

Tesla aims to build warehouses, a freight yard, and a kindergarten for employees in the 100 hectares near Giga Berlin. It also has plans to build a water recycling plant, a second production facility, and a battery recycling plant. The second production facility is expected to bring Giga Berlin’s annual production battery up from 500,000 to 1 million units. 

The Giga Berlin protestors are occupying trees within the area Tesla aims to expand. They raised around ten platforms between the trees and built houses on top of them. The tree houses are about five to ten meters high from the ground. 

The environmental activists have created a website explaining their reasons for protesting against Tesla

“We are standing in the way of the expansion of the Tesla car factory. Cars are to be produced in a water protection area for a capitalist “business as usual” – a highway to social climate catastrophe. Here, we see how a giga-corporation’s profits are put above people’s needs when resources such as water become scarce. For a world where everyone can live well!” the website states.

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Tesla Giga Berlin expansion protesters building tree houses in nearby forest


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