Tesla pickup truck imagined in fan renders by community

A new all-electric cyberpunk truck may be hitting the streets in the somewhat near future, and it’s being designed and built by Tesla, the company most responsible for the current electric vehicle revolution.

CEO Elon Musk tweeted a teaser image of a part of the Tesla Truck following last week’s Model Y unveiling (after no one noticed during the unveiling), but there wasn’t much to be said about what was actually being portrayed. Musk didn’t provide additional details, and the image itself wasn’t any obvious part of a vehicle, but that hasn’t stopped the Tesla community from tapping into its collective imagination. Several renderings of the upcoming electric truck have been created, and here we’ve compiled a few of our faves.

In a somewhat conventional version that incorporates Tesla’s Aero Wheels, this photo imagines the teaser pic as a bed cover. The glowing trim seems to simply have an aesthetic purpose.

Going for a more robotic vision of the future truck, a render posted by an account naming itself representative of the “Tesla Truck Club” community displayed the teaser pic as the front of the vehicle. The glow lines appear to take the place of traditional headlights, and the truck cab completely boxes in the hood/frunk portions.

Finally, the same Twitter account also posited that the teaser pic was just a more detailed version of a truck render already released by Tesla during the Tesla Semi unveiling. The overall suggestion is that the truck will just be a variation of the Tesla Semi itself, using the Semi’s architecture.

Gathering a few clues about the final Tesla truck look obviously came to order prior to the rendering designs. Perhaps the most well-known description given of the truck is a tie-in to Blade Runner. Musk has famously described it as a vehicle that would not be “out of place” in the film. If you haven’t seen it, “futuristic”, “cyberpunk”, “dystopia”, and “80s” are all the adjectives you need.

The tech-inspired CEO took to Twitter last year to ask the community what it would like to see in a Tesla Truck. Plenty of suggestions followed from the online crowd, but even more importantly were the further truck details provided by Musk:

  • Dual motor all-wheel drive
  • Crazy torque
  • Suspension that dynamically adjusts for load
  • Power outlets allowing use of heavy duty, 240V, high power tools in field (no generator needed)
  • Cameras
  • Onboard neural net
  • Ultrasonics

Other details that were revealed over the last year include six seats, 400-500 miles of range per charge, and 300,000 lbs of towing capacity (yes, that’s 300 thousand pounds of torque). Regardless of what the Tesla Truck will look like, its features are certainly impressive, and members of the traditional truck crowd will likely take its credentials seriously once they see what it can do for themselves.

In an appearance on Recode’s Decode Podcast, Musk touted that Tesla’s cyberpunk truck was awesome, amazing, and heart-stopping; however, he also acknowledged that some reconfiguration might be in order if the design isn’t appealing to a wide enough audience. “If there’s only a small number of people that like that truck, I guess we’ll make a more conventional truck in the future,” he said. Musk has also commented about the “look” of Tesla’s truck, warning that it might be “too futuristic for most people, but [he] love[s] it”.

If the Tesla Truck is designed to be compelling enough to do well in the market, the company will have its latest industry disruption at hand. The truck market is currently dominated by vehicles like the Ford’s F-Series which it sold nearly 1 million of in 2018, Chevy’s Silverado, and Dodge’s Ram, each of which sold over half a million vehicles in 2018. All-electric startup Rivian has also noticed the possible potential in the truck market, and has its own R1T truck scheduled for deliveries in 2020. It should also be noted that Ford itself is looking to produce an all-electric version of its popular F-Series as well.

So, when will everyone get to see the actual Tesla Truck? According to Musk, later this year.

Tesla pickup truck imagined in fan renders by community


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