Tesla offering 5,000 miles of Free Supercharging on trade-ins this month

Tesla has unveiled its latest buying incentive as the end of the quarter nears, this time offering 5,000 miles of free Supercharging on select trade-ins.

Following the launch of a temporary $1,000 discount on Model Y orders and other incentives last month, Tesla has now debuted a new perk for customers who trade their old vehicles in. Tesla owners in the U.S. or Canada who trade in a vehicle and take delivery by March 31, 2024 will receive 5,000 free miles of Supercharging (8,000 km in Canada), as can be seen on the company’s trade-in web page.

While the deal doesn’t apply to used vehicles, Cybertrucks, business orders, lease returns or vehicles used for commercial purposes, the perk is still eligible on Tesla’s Model 3, Model Y, Model S or Model X vehicles. The automaker also says it doesn’t guarantee delivery of vehicles by March 31, and that the Supercharging miles will expire two years after the vehicle is delivered.

To take advantage of the incentive, interested buyers must navigate to Tesla’s trade-in page and enter the VIN to ensure their old vehicle is eligible for trade-in. You can see Tesla’s message about the offer, as written on the company’s trade-in page, below.

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Tesla’s Model Y promotional pricing came to an end on Friday, though the automaker is still offering transfers of the Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta and free lifetime Supercharging perks until the end of this month. The automaker has also offered similar incentives nearing the end of quarters or years in the past, in efforts to help spur on extra deliveries.

For example, Tesla launched a similar offer of six months of free Supercharging last November on Model 3 and Model Y purchases, though it wasn’t exclusive to trade-ins. Tesla also offered a temporary FSD beta transfer last year, for those who took delivery around the end of September.

Earlier this week, Tesla announced that it was rolling out about one Supercharger stall every hour, ahead of the automaker’s plans to open the stations to other brands this month. Ford was the first to gain access to Tesla Superchargers on Thursday, with Rivian, General Motors (GM), Polestar and Volvo set to join the automaker in the coming weeks.

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Tesla offering 5,000 miles of Free Supercharging on trade-ins this month


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