Tesla negotiated a killer deal on its European Gigafactory

A number of details from Tesla’s purchase contract for Gigafactory 4’s land have been released, revealing that the all-electric car maker has managed to negotiate a great price for the 300-hectare property. According to local reports, Tesla will be able to acquire the GF4’s complex for just €40.91 million, or $45.48 million.

Reports from German media outlet RBB24 state the company will pay just €13.52 per square meter for the property located in Grünheide. This is significantly less than what Tesla paid for the property that is currently inhabited by Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai. Tesla bought that 86.5-hectare site for 973 million Chinese Yuan, or slightly more than $140 million.

Nearby pieces of land in the Freienbrink Business Park cost nearly three times as much per square meter. This is because plots of land at Freienbrink already have public roads, installed water systems, street lights, and electricity. These are all things Tesla will have to take care of on its own at the Grünheide site.

Local governments will begin conducting meetings to go over the finer details of the project soon. The Environmental Committee of the Brandenburg State Parliament will talk about the project’s environmental impacts on January 8. Tesla has already started the removal of trees from 90 hectares of the land. This project is set to be completed by February 27, but Tesla has run into some bumps in the road because the company does not want to risk the wildlife currently inhabiting the area.

The committee is aware of Tesla’s plan to eventually build and manufacture 500,000 vehicles at Gigafactory 4, though this would result in the facility being expanded. Tesla would then have to remove trees from a further 154 hectares of land. While the value of the forest is relatively low according to an environmental impact assessment, it seems that animals are of more concern than the trees themselves. Lizards, forest ants, and wolves inhabit the area and are all considered to be worth protecting.

The Brandenburg State Parliament will have an economics meeting on January 9 to make its decision on the Gigafactory 4 project. A Democratic budget politician by the name of Ronny Kretschmer stated that the purchase price was too low considering the nearby Freinbrink land value. He believes the property should have been purchased for around €40 per square meter like other slots of nearby land.

Gigafactory 4 is expected to roll its first cars off the production line in June 2021 beginning with the Model Y crossover. The considerably low purchase price for Gigafactory 4 will make it extremely simple for the company to make its money back on the project. Following overwhelming support from some of the area’s top officials, it seems Tesla’s new production plant will have plenty of momentum as construction is set to begin, likely sooner than later.

Tesla negotiated a killer deal on its European Gigafactory


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