Tesla Model Y units with black Gemini wheels seen leaving Fremont factory

Tesla seems to be preparing to begin offering its Gemini wheels in black, as one viewer has spotted the variant on a Model Y leaving its Fremont factory.

In a post on X on Saturday, The Kilowatts shared a photo of Model Y units with black and silver Gemini wheels without the aero covers, some of which were being readied to ship out on a hauling truck at Tesla’s factory in Fremont, California. The sighting suggests that Tesla could be getting ready to launch the black Gemini wheels in the U.S., and perhaps other markets, after only being available in certain markets in Asia and being highly requested elsewhere.

You can see a couple of the photos of the Model Y units below, including units with the normal silver Gemini wheels and with the black Gemini wheels—both without aero covers.

Credit: The Kilowatts | X

Credit: The Kilowatts | X

Many have requested that Tesla begin offering the black Gemini wheels on the Model Y in the U.S., though they’re currently only available in the silver color. It’s not entirely clear when Tesla could launch the black version in the U.S., though the sighting is good news for those awaiting the option.

Tesla also launched the black Gemini wheels for the Model Y in Australia last month, though that isn’t too surprising since those units ship from Gigafactory Shanghai. The black Gemini wheels were initially launched with Tesla’s latest Model Y designs at Giga Shanghai, which also saw the addition of ambient lighting on the interior, along with some performance updates.

Earlier this month, Tesla debuted a new Model Y configuration in the U.S., called the rear-wheel-drive Long Range, along with officially dropping the previous entry-level trim option. The new configuration features a range upgrade of 60 miles from the prior base-level Model Y, though Elon Musk has also said that owners of the previous entry-level trim would soon be able to purchase a range upgrade, too.

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Tesla Model Y units with black Gemini wheels seen leaving Fremont factory


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