Tesla Model X overwhelms tuned imports and muscle cars in drag race meet

In the world of drag racing, one would find a whole assortment of vehicles. There are powerful muscle cars tuned with old-school vehicle mastery,  imports modified to such an extent that they behave almost like supercars, and sometimes, there will even be some fancy vehicles loaded with RICE (Racing Inspired Cosmetic Enhancements). 

During drag competitions, the presence of a Tesla usually teases a shakeup of an event’s rankings. Thanks to their electric motors, vehicles like the Tesla Model S, 3, and X boast instant torque, giving them monster acceleration figures. The Model S P100D, for one, regularly battles supercars on the quarter mile, despite being a full-sized sedan that could seat seven (including jump seats at the rear, an option now discontinued). Thus, things get very interesting when premium, high-performance electric cars get involved in a drag racing event.

This is precisely what happened during a recent 1/8-mile drag competition at the Dorchester Dragway, located in Dorchester, South Carolina. During the meet, Kacey Green, a new Tesla Model X P100D owner, decided to take his all-electric family car to the event, to see how well it stacks up against other vehicles. Needless to say, the results of Green’s experiment were very enjoyable to watch, especially if one is an electric car enthusiast.

The Model X P100D faced off with numerous competitors, and it dominated each one. Almost amusingly, the Model X’s first victim was a vehicle that appeared to be a RICE-d up four-cylinder car, complete with neon underglow lights. Following this was a string of more serious competitors comprised of imports, a fellow SUV, a Dodge Hellcat, and even a tuned muscle car — all of which eventually bowed to the all-electric SUV. In a comment on the video, Green lightly added that the owner of the muscle car was annoyed after their race, since his car was beaten by a seven-seat “minivan.”

In the closing moments of the video, Green could be seen posing in front of his Model X P100D with his cash prize from the competition’s Domestic – Street Tires bracket. The Model X P100D, for its part, was fittingly in Celebration Mode, flapping its Falcon Wing Doors.

Despite being the largest and heaviest of Tesla’s current vehicles, the Model X P100D is still an SUV that boasts supercar-like acceleration. Over the years, the car has proven itself on the track, dominating high-performance vehicles like the BMW M4, as well as incredibly fast and powerful SUVs like the Lamborghini Urus, the Mercedes-AMG G63, and the Hellcat-powered Jeep Trackhawk.

If Tesla’s recent updates are any indication, though, there is a good chance that the Model X would be even faster in the near future. Earlier this week, Tesla decided to retire the 75 kWh battery pack option for its vehicles, opening the doors to the possibility of a 2170 battery cell update for the Model S and X, both of which are still using older 18650 cells. With 2170 cells and similar cooling systems to the Model 3 Performance, there is a pretty good chance that Tesla would release a “Track Mode” update for the Model S and X as well. Once that happens, even regulars of closed circuits would best watch out.

Watch the Model X P100D battle imports, muscle cars, and a RICE-d up sedan in the video below.

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Tesla Model X overwhelms tuned imports and muscle cars in drag race meet


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