Tesla Model S, Model X, and Model Y receive new round of price adjustments in the US

Tesla has implemented a series of price adjustments to the Model S, Model X, and Model Y. With their price adjustments, the two flagship vehicles and Tesla’s best-selling car have become a bit more affordable for consumers. The reengineered Tesla Model 3, which was launched in the United States last January, was not affected by the recent round of price cuts. 

As observed by Tesla community members, the Model S sedan has received a price cut of $2,000. With the adjustments in place, the flagship all-electric premium sedan now starts at $72,990 for the Dual Motor All Wheel Drive (AWD) version and $87,990 for the top-tier Model S Plaid. Previously, the two variants started at $74,990 and $89,990, respectively. 

Tesla’s other flagship vehicle, the Model X SUV, also received a $2,000 price cut. With the price reduction in place, the Model X Long Range AWD now starts at $77,990, and the Model X Plaid starts at $92,990. The two trims were previously priced at $79,990 and $94,990, respectively. Interestingly enough, the Model X Dual Motor AWD qualifies for federal tax credits, so customers could acquire the vehicle for $70,490 after incentives are applied. 

The Tesla Model Y crossover received a $2,000 price adjustment as well. With the price cut in place, the Model Y Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) now starts at $42,990, the Model Y Long Range Dual Motor AWD now starts at $47,990, and the Model Y Performance now starts at $51,490. Prior to the recent price adjustments, the Model Y RWD started at $44,990, the Model Y Long Range Dual Motor AWD started at $49,990, and the Model Y Performance started at $53,490

The Tesla Model Y, like the Model X Dual Motor AWD, qualifies for the IRA’s $7,500 incentive. Thus, after the federal tax credit is applied, the Model Y RWD’s cost drops to a very affordable $35,490 before options. The Model Y Long Range Dual Motor AWD’s cost drops to $40,490 before options, and the Model Y Performance’s cost drops to $43,990 before options after the $7,500 federal tax credit is applied as well. 

It remains to be seen if Tesla’s recent round of price adjustments would effectively increase the number of orders for the Model S, Model X, and Model Y, since a $2,000 reduction in a vehicle’s overall price would probably not be much of an adjustment for consumers’ monthly payments. This seems to be one of the reasons why Tesla China, in its recent promotions for the Giga Shanghai-made Model 3 and Model Y, focused on zero-interest loans and low downpayment offers. With such initiatives, customers’ savings become more prominent upfront, or at least more evident as they pay off their vehicle loans. 

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Tesla Model S, Model X, and Model Y receive new round of price adjustments in the US


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