Tesla Model 3 roof gets its real-world elephant strength test and passes with flying colors

CEO Elon Musk once said that a Tesla roof could withstand the weight of a fully-grown adult elephant. A Model 3 in China may have gotten what might be the closest to that ever actually happening in terms of weight equivalence after flooding caused a roadside wall to collapse on top of the all-electric sedan.

The Model 3 in question was one of several cars affected by the collapse of the wall, which was made of thousands upon thousands of bricks. Flooding caused by storms and the accumulation of excessive rainwater compromised the structural integrity of the wall, ultimately leading to its collapse.

It appeared that all of the vehicles close by would be damaged, if not completely destroyed, by the collapse of the wall. However, it seems that one car, the Model 3, remained relatively intact.

The Model 3 was likely destroyed, but the structural integrity of the vehicle shows a couple of things that the other cars involved simply could not. One is the fact that the car, while unlikely, could be salvaged and fixed. It would likely cost more than what would be worth getting a new car, but it is easily in the best condition of all of the cars involved in the collapse.

Secondly, it is the only car of the bunch that held up so well that it would keep people inside safe or even potentially save the lives of people if they were inside.

It is obvious the other cars involved in the wall collapse cannot claim the same thing:

The event gives us an interesting perspective on something Musk said about a Tesla roof, claiming that it is strong enough to withstand the weight of an adult elephant.

An outrageous claim to say the least, but if this doesn’t prove that it can withstand that amount of weight, it definitely confirms that Tesla vehicles can handle a significantly higher load than other vehicles. In the event of a structural collapse on top of a vehicle, if you had your choice, it should be a Tesla.

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Tesla Model 3 roof gets its real-world elephant strength test and passes with flying colors


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