Tesla makes Automatic Emergency Braking even safer in update

Tesla has made its Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) even safer by adding the ability to operate in reverse and increasing its operational top speed.

AEB is a feature that is found in many cars and is an active safety system that can identify an imminent collision and automatically apply the brakes, helping prevent an impact. The feature has been used to eliminate the potential of an accident and has been made standard in many cars, especially as distracted driving is at an all-time high.

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While the feature is already incredibly safe, Tesla took it a step further by adding two new features: the ability for the vehicle to stop when backing up and by increasing the top speed it can operate in a new update.

Tesla made the updates in the 2023.12 Software Update, according to NotATeslaAppand noted them in the updated Owner’s Manual.

Tesla previously noted that AEB was operational to help prevent “frontal collisions” but has since updated the wording in the Owner’s Manual to “reduce the impact of front and reverse collisions with limited functionality while in Reverse.”

Additionally, Tesla increased the AEB system’s top speed range from 3 MPH to 124 MPH. It was previously 3 MPH to 90 MPH.

There are also updates to when the AEB system will not activate. Sharply applying the brakes in some situations can actually make things more dangerous, so Tesla’s AEB systems will not activate when:

  • The steering wheel is turned sharply
  • Pressing and releasing the brake pedal while AEB is already applying the brakes
  • Accelerating at a quick rate while AEB is attempting to apply brakes
  • The object, pedestrian, or vehicle that was spotted is no longer detected

Tesla continues to add new features to attempt to increase safety in its vehicles. The revisions to the AEB system will benefit owners and drivers but also those surrounding the vehicle.

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Tesla makes Automatic Emergency Braking even safer in update


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