Tesla has again launched free FSD transfers on new vehicle purchases

Tesla has once again launched free transfers on its Full Self-Driving (FSD) system, after the company originally debuted the incentive as a one-time offer.

Last year, Tesla launched free FSD transfers as a “one-time amnesty,” letting owners transfer the software to a new vehicle purchase roughly through the end of September. In February, Tesla launched the incentive an additional time, so long as buyers took delivery of the new vehicle by March 31.

Although the quarter-ending deadline has passed, it’s now been reported that Tesla has launched FSD transferability once again on all orders of the Model S, Model 3, Model X or Model Y. In addition, no trade-in is required, and the incentive is stackable with inventory adjustments and other incentives, according to a post on X from Sawyer Merritt, who first spotted the news on Thursday.

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At the time of writing, Tesla’s website still details the previous timeline, in which owners had to take delivery by March 31 to gain access to the offer. In the previous transfer agreement for the period running through March 31, Tesla said that it would remove the FSD capability from current vehicles within 48 hours, with the software being added to the new vehicle within a week of delivery.

The news also comes as Tesla has been deploying its FSD v12, now dubbed “Supervised” instead of “Beta,” along with rolling out one-month free trials and mandatory FSD test drives. It also comes as Tesla prepares to unveil its highly-anticipated robotaxi on August 8, as announced by CEO Elon Musk this week.

Prior to Tesla’s announcement of plans to unveil the robotaxi in August, Reuters reported that Tesla was scrapping plans to build a $25,000 vehicle. Musk went on to deny the claims, and many have since pointed out that the affordable mass-market vehicle is expected to built on the same platform as the forthcoming robotaxi.

Tesla’s FSD fleet surpassed one billion miles driven this week, after reaching 500 million miles driven just last October. In the past, Musk has estimated that gaining global regulatory approval for FSD would take around 6 billion miles’ worth of cumulative training, with the system constantly improving as more miles are driven.

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Tesla has again launched free FSD transfers on new vehicle purchases


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