Tesla Gigafactory 4 in Berlin: First drone video highlights expansive forest land

The first drone video of Tesla’s Gigafactory 4 in Berlin, Germany has emerged, showing an expansive plot of forest land that will eventually become Tesla’s European production plant.

Gigafactory 4 was announced in November by Tesla CEO Elon Musk the same day Model 3 beat BMW and Audi in its home turf to become Best Midsize Car of the Year. Located at the Brandenburg section of Northeast Germany, a location that surrounds the German capital of Berlin, Gigafactory 4 will be responsible for the production of Tesla’supcoming Model Y crossover.

The European Gigafactory will reportedly be home to a production and logistics space, a design studio, a train station, and a test track. According to Musk, the factory will produce batteries and powertrains for its line of electric cars.

Tesla has reportedly agreed with the landowners on a price for the 300 hectares of space and is currently in negotiation on the withdrawal clause of the contract, according to Bild. This portion of the 2,000-page legal document would take effect in the instance that Tesla would decide to withdraw its plans for a Gigafactory in Germany.

One feature of the land area is the fact it is full of trees and forestry. Despite some concern that the deforestation Tesla will inevitably need to perform to clear enough land space will do more harm than good, the company has promised to plant three times as many trees as it will cut down. In the grand scheme of things, it is a pleasant gesture that will likely incite support from environmental groups who may have been critical of the plans at first.

Gigafactory 4 construction is expected to begin as early as January 2020, with the Economy and Energy Minister Joerg Steinbach citing the project to be on schedule. “The building area is expected to be cleared by mid-March.”

Tesla Model Y production will begin no more than two years after the initial groundbreaking and have an initial output of 250,000 vehicles in the factory’s first production stage.

Check out the first drone video of Tesla Gigafactory 4 in Berlin, Germany below.

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Tesla Gigafactory 4 in Berlin: First drone video highlights expansive forest land


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