Tesla Giga Berlin’s expansion plan remain a divisive topic in Grunheide

Tesla Giga Berlin’s revised expansion plan remains a divisive topic in Grünheide despite the company receiving approval from local officials last week. 

Last week, Grünheide community representatives and officials voted to approve Tesla Giga Berlin’s revised expansion plans. Of the 19 people who were called to vote on the subject, 11 voted yes to Tesla’s Urban Development Contract. 

Brandenburg’s Economics Minister Jörg Steinbach (SPD) appeared pleased that Grünheide representatives voted in favor of Tesla Giga Berlin’s expansion. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Woidke emphasized the significant developments Tesla Giga Berlin’s expansion would drive in the region. 

“It is important for Grünheide and significant for the industrial location of Brandenburg and all of Germany. With this decision, the urgently needed Tesla freight station can be built,” said Prime Minister Woidke.

However, not everyone is celebrating the approval of Tesla Giga Berlin’s expansion plans. 

In February 2024, residents of Grünheide expressed their thoughts on Tesla Giga Berlin’s expansion through a citizen survey. It revealed that 62% of the residents who participated in the survey rejected Giga Berlin’s original expansion plans. Some residents and protesters have called for a second survey on the topic.

Tesla initially planned to clear 100 hectares of forests near Giga Berlin. However, after the citizen survey results, Tesla revised its plans and will now clear 50 hectares. In addition, it will build its own freight station on the expansion site. The company also plans to recycle 100% of all wastewater from Giga Berlin’s expansion site

Despite Tesla’s revised Giga Berlin expansion plans, residents seem unhappy about their representative’s approval. The residents of Grünheide and environmental groups have decided to continue fighting against Tesla Giga Berlin’s expansion plans. 

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Tesla Giga Berlin’s expansion plan remain a divisive topic in Grunheide


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