Tesla FSD to lose “beta” designation with V12 update: Elon Musk

It appears that Tesla is now looking to retire the “beta” designation of its Full Self-Driving suite. As per a recent comment from CEO Elon Musk, FSD V12 will no longer be “beta” when it gets released. 

Musk shared the update in a post on Twitter as a response to a longtime FSD Beta user joking that FSD Beta 12 would be coming “maybe later this year.” In his response, Musk simply wrote, “Version 12 won’t be beta.” 

The FSD Beta program started in October 2020, and since then, the advanced driver-assist system has seen a lot of revisions. And with the rollout of FSD Beta Version 11, Tesla started utilizing a single software stack for both inner-city and highway driving. A number of updates under V11 have been rolled out to date. 

While Elon Musk’s recent comments are undoubtedly exciting, it may be wise to temper expectations about the upcoming changes that will be rolled out when FSD Beta V12 gets released. Musk could simply be referring to Tesla dropping the “Beta” moniker for the advanced driver-assist system. Tesla’s Autopilot, for one, is a product that is still very much in beta, but it is not called “Autopilot Beta.”

That being said, Musk’s comment could also refer to a much more substantial change, though it is one that would be a bit out of character for the EV maker. Autopilot, after all, is already refined as far as driver-assist systems in the market go, but Tesla still considers the system to be in beta today. 

Still, if Tesla does remove FSD from beta, it would be a big show of confidence on the EV maker’s part. Tesla has been working hard to refine its Full Self-Driving suite, after all, and with the start of production for Dojo expected this July, the improvements to the system in the near future would likely be notable. 

It should also be noted that Tesla’s release date for Version 12 could still be some time away, as the electric vehicle maker could simply release more iterations of FSD Beta Version 11 until it reaches a point where it could be safe and proficient enough to warrant a “beta-free” moniker. 

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Tesla FSD to lose “beta” designation with V12 update: Elon Musk


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