Tesla FSD makes a believer of Xiaomi co-founder after test ride

Xiaomi and Tesla China may have become direct rivals since the launch of the Xiaomi SU7, a challenger to the Tesla Model 3, but the Chinese tech giant’s executives are still supportive of the American EV maker’s innovations. 

This was highlighted recently when Xiaomi co-founder and vice chairman Lin Bin posted a message on Chinese social media praising Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) system. Lin shared his thoughts about Tesla’s advanced driver-assist suite after experiencing FSD (Supervised) V12 in a test ride. 

Following Lin’s thoughts about FSD (Supervised) V12 after his test ride. 

“I just went to the Tesla store to experience FSD V12 autonomous driving. I came out of the parking lot, got on the highway, merged with the vehicle, got off the highway, walked through the city, and finally returned to the parking lot. It took more than ten minutes and covered 10 kilometers. Although there are not many vehicles, there is no need for high-precision maps and no LIDAR. It is completely based on pure visual modeling. I’m very impressed,” the Xiaomi executive wrote. 

In a later comment, Lin also stated that “FSD feels like a human driver” and that he is “looking forward to going for a test drive in a more crowded place.”

The Xiaomi executive is not the only Tesla competitor that has shown excitement for FSD. In recent comments, electric vehicle maker Xpeng CEO He Xiaopeng also noted that he is looking forward to the rollout of FSD to China. The Xpeng CEO noted in a post on social media that products like Tesla’s FSD could help usher in the era of smart cars. 

“I especially welcome Tesla FSD to enter China… Tesla has very good self-driving technology and brand. Only when more good products and technologies enter can the entire market and customers have more good experiences, and the market develop and accelerate in a more healthy direction. Moreover, China is now vigorously promoting openness + new quality productivity. I think whether it is Tesla’s FSD, Xpeng’s NGP, or friends’ NOA, these are one of the representatives of new quality productivity and should be supported to let a hundred flowers bloom,” the executive wrote. 

Tesla China has maintained that  “there is currently no timetable for FSD to enter China,” though Elon Musk’s recent visit to the county and a deal between Tesla and internet giant Baidu for mapping and navigation data has triggered speculations that the advanced driver-assist system is about to be rolled out in the country. Tesla also cleared data security and processing requirements in China, as per the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. 

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Tesla FSD makes a believer of Xiaomi co-founder after test ride


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