Tesla files for fire protection permits for Fremont’s safer, upgraded paint shop

Tesla has recently submitted applications to the City of Fremont showing that the company is looking to improve the safety of its in-house paint shop at the Fremont factory.

On April 7, Teslarati reported that Tesla was submitting applications to upgrade Fremont’s production lines in preparation for a massive push of the Model Y. In addition to the augmented lines, Tesla was also gearing up to implement improvements to its paint shop, a part of the vehicle production process that has become very challenging in the past.

Tesla’s paint facility in Fremont has suffered fires in the past. From 2014 to 2018, the facility reportedly had been the location of at least four fires, as noted in a CNBC report. Tesla, for its part, is confronting each of these issues with the newly submitted applications on the City of Fremont’s public access website. Two were submitted yesterday on April 20, referencing additional ventilation and ductwork that will increase safety of the Fremont factory’s paint shop.

Both applications show that additional ventilation and inline ductwork will make its way within the paint facility. The exhaust air ventilation will be rerouted to an inline duct, which is expected to increase airflow and ventilation within the paint shop, making the environment safer for workers. The second application provided additional blueprint plans showing how the new ducts will run through the paint facility.

Finally, another application submitted on April 16 shows Tesla plans to install 30 additional sprinkler heads within the South Paint Booth. The additional fire protection heads will be fed into an existing line, making the installation of the safety system less time-consuming. An entire new sprinkler system installation is not necessary, according to experts. The lines can simply be added onto, and additional heads can be supplemented onto the newly-installed lines for proper coverage.

Tesla will install an additional 30 sprinkler heads into the South Paint Facility for added coverage. Credit: City of Fremont

Tesla has worked diligently to improve the safety of workers across its facilities, but Fremont has been a model plant so far. The company reported 50% less workplace injuries in 2019 compared to the year prior, and the additional safety equipment that will be installed within the South Paint Shop could reduce this number even further.

CEO Elon Musk stated last week that Giga Berlin would be the home of the most advanced and world-class paint facility on the market. Musk said that the new facility’s paint quality would be second to none, hinting that “more layers of stunning colors that subtly change with curvature” would add a new light to Tesla’s vehicle color options.

Tesla files for fire protection permits for Fremont’s safer, upgraded paint shop


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