Tesla fans discover hilarious Cybertruck Easter Egg

One can say a lot of things about Elon Musk and Tesla, but it’s very difficult to deny the fact that the CEO and the electric vehicle maker have a pretty good sense of humor. Both Musk and Tesla are more than willing to poke fun at themselves, as hinted at by a hilarious Cybertruck easter egg that was recently shared online. 

In a YouTube video, Tesla owner DennisCW shared that he accidentally chanced upon a Cybertruck easter egg while trying to reactivate the screen of the all-electric pickup truck. The easter egg is quite funny as it poked fun at the original Cybertruck prototype’s ill-fated Armor Glass demonstration, which ended up cracking the vehicle’s windows. 

As noted by the Tesla owner, the easter egg can be triggered by just quickly tapping on the Cybertruck graphic’s windows in the vehicle’s infotainment system. Doing so changes the windows of the Cybertruck graphic to the original prototype’s cracked glass. Other commenters on the Tesla owner’s video also claimed that other easter eggs are present, such as bullet markings on the graphic’s door panels. 

Elon Musk confirmed the easter egg on X. “We like to put little fun easter eggs in our cars. Small, unexpected delights are part of what makes life worth living,” Musk mused.

The Cybertruck’s cracked Armor Glass windows pretty much became a meme right after the all-electric pickup truck was unveiled. At the time, an evidently shocked Elon Musk could be heard cursing under his breath when the vehicle’s windows cracked. Musk and Tesla, however, know how to poke fun at the failed demonstration. It did not take long before the EV maker launched shirts with the Cybertruck’s broken Armor Glass print. 

And when the Cybertruck started its deliveries, Tesla fans quickly noticed that in the Tesla Shop, one of the all-electric pickup truck’s accessories was a $55 decal for the vehicle’s windows. The decal, of course, featured the graphic of the original Cybertruck prototype’s broken windows. Named fondly as the “OMFG decal,” the item quickly sold out

Watch a short video of the Cybertruck’s window easter egg below. 

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Tesla fans discover hilarious Cybertruck easter egg


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