Tesla deal resulted in $800 million fortune for cathode supplier

There is no denying that Tesla has created a substantial amount of wealth worldwide, both for its investors and its suppliers. This was particularly true for the family behind L&F Co., a producer of high-nickel cathodes, as they saw their fortune rise by $800 million due in no small part to a supply deal with Tesla.

L&F was able to secure a $2.9 billion order from Tesla. Amidst this momentum, shares in L&F surged 82% this year. This meant that L&F Chairman Hur Jae-hong and his family, who hold shares in the cathode supplier, saw their holdings rise to over $800 million.

Hur’s fortune has been closely tied to the LG Group. While Tesla has long been utilizing L&F’s cathodes for its products, the EV maker used to acquire them through LG Energy Solution. With the current deal in place, however, Tesla will be a direct client of L&F. The deal is expected to provide the cathode supplier with one of its largest contracts to date.

Wooho Rho, an analyst with Meritz Securities Co. in Seoul, noted that L&F seems ready to take on the challenge. “L&F has been ready for further growth. The company’s direction is centered on technology and production efficiency, so it seems to have good DNA,” the analyst said.

“The fact that its latest client is not just any other, but the one that’s leading the market carries even greater significance,” Rho added.

L&F has had a long history with battery technology. The company started developing cathode materials for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries in 2005, and it didn’t take long before it became the company’s primary business. L&F also signed a deal in 2021 with battery recycling company Redwood Materials, which was founded by Tesla co-founder JB Straubel.

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Tesla deal resulted in $800 million fortune for cathode supplier


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