Tesla Cybertruck’s ‘marble’ dashboard is actually made from paper and it’s genius

Tesla Cybertruck’s polarizing design caught the world by storm when it made its November 2019 debut in Los Angeles. Much like the stainless steel exterior, which has largely been the focal point of discussion, Cybertruck’s unique kitchen counter-like, marble dashboard is something that’s been on people’s minds. Except, it’s not marble.

The Cybertruck dashboard is fabricated from paper composite materials that have a resemblance to the popular marble look that is often found in today’s kitchens and bathrooms. Environmentally-friendly homes have often leveraged the use of sustainable materials, including kichen countertops made of paper, wood-based fibers, natural wood pigments, and non-petroleum based resins. These materials are then combined and baked at extremely high temperatures to create a durable and dense material that is water-resistant, environmentally sustainable, and very cost-effective. Something that sounds like it would be right out of Tesla’s playbook.

Paper composite materials have been available for years, but they have been utilized in science labs, fabrication shops, and industrial kitchens. This would be the first known instance of a paper composite material being used in a mass-production vehicle and quite fitting for an automaker pushing toward sustainability. Tesla’s dash materials in past cars have been made from leather or synthetic leather. The company moved to a 100% vegan interior after pressure from animal-rights groups, and have since vowed to scrap the use of animal products in its vehicles.

While it is unknown what Tesla’s angle was behind the use of this material, and also whether this will be in Cybertruck’s final production version, we know that it is economically reasonable in terms of price, and may have been a factor in the company’s aim to keep the truck affordable. And having a dash material that’s as sustainable as the vehicle gives its target demographic another reason to consider buying a Tesla.

Outlined in Elon Musk’s Master Plan, the goal of Tesla was to find sustainable transportation for the everyday driver. As the company has evolved, its focus has remained on becoming conscious of its environmental impact through reduced emissions, but it has shifted toward using Earth-friendly materials within the car as well. The new dash in the Cybertruck is not only unique and eye-catching, but it also reminds the driver and passengers that they are riding in a machine that is contributing to Earth-friendly transportation, one mile at a time.

Tesla Cybertruck’s ‘marble’ dashboard is actually made from paper and it’s genius


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