Tesla Cybertruck video ignites powered frunk debate

A Tesla Cybertruck video ignited a debate about whether the all-electric pickup truck has a powered or manual frunk. The original poster (OP) of the video claims the footage proves that the Cybertruck has a powered front trunk—or frunk—but some Tesla fans aren’t convinced. 

Cybertruck Owners Club (COC) member cvalu13 posted a short clip of a person—presumably a Tesla employee—opening and closing the Cybertruck’s frunk. The presumed Tesla employee seemed to encounter some resistance while manually opening and closing the frunk. The COC member believes there was resistance due to the gear motors of the Cybertruck’s powered frunk. 

“The video shows an unpowered truck having its hood raised/lowered against resistance of the geared motor. If you’re familiar with this, it’ll be obvious. The video is for those who have to see for themselves (and, apparently, who have experience with moving an unpowered motor against its gearing,” wrote the COC member. 

Other members who watched the video were still skeptical about the Cybertruck having a powered frunk. One suggested that the video showed a frunk with a power assist featured. However, OP refuted the argument. 

“It’s not a powered assist. It’s that these units being transported are not powered up (that’s why we see the 12v jump starters out before they drive them),” OP responded. 

Earlier this month, Tesla Cybertruck images were posted online of a Cybertruck that looked roughed up with scuffed-up doors and a cracked windshield. Some netizens speculated that Tesla conducted some crash tests on the Cybertruck. 

Even more interesting were pictures of Cybertruck’s frunk with actuators on the right and left sides. The image hinted at a powered frunk. Tesla also seemed to be charging the Cybertruck’s low-voltage battery in the picture. 

The Tesla Cybertruck will be produced in Giga Texas. Tesla is preparing for Cybertruck production already. Last week, it halted production at Giga Texas to update the Cybertruck assembly line

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Tesla Cybertruck video ignite discussions of powered frunk


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