Tesla Cybertruck reaches new peak charging speed with NxuOne

Tesla Cybertruck reached a new peak charging speed with a third-party charger from Nxu, a tech company that specializes in innovative EV charging and energy storage solutions.

Nxu’s NxuOne Charging Station helped the Cybertruck reach a new peak charging rate of 327kW, beating the previous record of 253kW.

The test was validated with several Cybertruck units and a NxuOne Charging Station earlier this week. The Cybertruck, with its revolutionary 800-volt architecture that enables faster charging speeds, peaked at 327.67 kW, 814 volts, and a peak current of 462 amps.

Charging speed is incredibly important due to the fact that it is still a major argument against owning an EV. Although it is widely blown out of proportion due to the fact that many EV owners charge at home, stops at Superchargers and other EV charging stations can be longer than trips to a gas station for ICE drivers, although trip planning has widely challenged that logic.

Nevertheless, EV companies are still gearing up for the capability to charge their vehicles faster, and one of the ways they are doing this is through the development of the 800-volt architecture.

Tesla is not the first company to utilize this strategy, but because it operates such a robust network of EV chargers across the globe and will adopt the high-speed capable architecture with the rollout of the V4 Superchargers.

“The Nxu team has worked incredibly hard to validate the charging power of our NxuOne Charging System in real-world scenarios,” Nxu Founder, Chairman, and CEO Mark Hanchett said. “We believe we’ve created one of the fastest charging units available today, and now we have the data to substantiate those claims. Our aim is to enhance the EV charging ecosystem by providing reliable and fast charging solutions for every make, model, or size of EV. The Cybertruck charging sessions are a huge step towards realizing that goal.”

Tesla confirmed in October 2023 that the Cybertruck would equip the 800-volt architecture, noting that the strategy would help bring “notable cost savings” as well as performance improvements. Vehicles with an 800-volt architecture are void of as much copper, which helps reduce weight.

Nxu was also the first third-party company to perform a successful NACS charging session on a Cybertruck without a Tesla Supercharger station in late February.

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Tesla Cybertruck reaches new peak charging speed with NxuOne


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