Tesla Cybertruck lands in the hands of Pharrell for early celebrity deliveries

Of all of the crazy and unique cars that we have seen celebrities drive over the years, it was not a stretch of anyone’s imagination to think that the Tesla Cybertruck would be a high priority to some celebrities.

It appears that the first A-list star to receive the truck has finally done so, as Pharrell Williams was spotted in a Tesla Cybertruck in the Miami Design District, right outside of the Louis Vuitton store in the South Florida city.

Williams is the first person we’ve seen of note driving the Cybertruck. How did he get his hands on it? We don’t know, but we are pretty sure he was not sitting in front of a computer or TV back in November 2019, waiting to put a reservation in and managed to land an early build of the Cybertruck.

Nevertheless, the release of the Cybertruck is already somewhat notable. A lot of people out there are more than familiar with Tesla’s initial attempt at a pickup truck.

However, for those that are not in sync with Tesla, the EV space, or cars in general, they are likely familiar with Pharrell, who has a whopping follower count on Instagram and is known for his hits through the years.

The Cybertruck might be the next big thing in terms of flashy vehicles that celebrities are interested in driving around for appearances and publicity.

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The Cybertruck is arguably the most polarizing and unique vehicle on the market today, and with its deliveries beginning in late November, there are only a few handfuls of them out there.

Pharrell’s status as a celebrity and his influence are likely big reasons for his ability to acquire a Cybertruck when many others cannot. Tesla plans to ramp up production significantly this year, which will put the pickup in the hands of more people outside of employees and celebrities with connections.

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Tesla Cybertruck lands in the hands of Pharrell for early celebrity deliveries


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