Tesla Cybertruck gets donut treatment in snowy weather review

A steady stream of Cybertruck reviews has been rolling in since Tesla began initial deliveries in November, and one new video shared over the weekend offers some snowy weather fun with the electric vehicle (EV).

On Saturday, YouTube channel TheStradman shared a video on the Tesla Cybertruck, including a short sequence in which the team turns off traction control in the vehicle to do some donuts in the snow. The channel has 4.3 million subscribers and primarily focuses on supercars, though James, the host, says he was able to borrow this Cybertruck from Instagram user MeyersManxOutlaw.

James is joined in the video by his friends Clayton, Caden, Andy, Johnny and Nick in his home state of Utah, and when the Cybertruck first arrives, it can be seen towing a Vanderhall Brawley electric off-road vehicle. A Ram 1500 TRX is also seen being driven later in the video, and the crew performs some acceleration launches with the Cybertruck against the TRX to show how well the electric pickup seems to handle the snow.


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While James says the video wasn’t intended to feature snow testing, the team decided to turn the unfortunately-timed winter weather into some fun donut driving and snowy drag strip launches. By turning off traction control and diverting all the power to the rear, Andy is able to perform what seem to be the first documented donuts in a Cybertruck.

James also suggests that Tesla and Elon Musk should add a “donut mode” to the Cybertruck, making it easier to pull donuts without the vehicle cutting the throttle.

The review also touches on a handful of other elements of the Cybertruck, including its highly unique look compared to other vehicles on the road, many of which are simply black or white and look boring, according to James. He also points out other details about the Cybertruck, including how much light the huge windshield lets into the cabin, and how massive the dashboard is — which he says could even cause some extra difficulty for professional detailers.

Over the last few weeks, the Cybertruck has been delivered mostly to Tesla employees along with a few other customers, notably including deliveries to celebrities Pharrell Williams and to Serenah Williams and her husband Alexis Ohanian. Other celebrities have also shared their own Cybertruck reviews, including those from Jay Leno and acclaimed automotive journalist Jason Cammisa.

Still, Tesla has opened its order configurator to some reservation holders for the launch edition “Foundation Series” Cybertruck, as the automaker continues to ramp up production of the vehicle at its Gigafactory in Austin, Texas.

You can watch the full Cybertruck video from James, “The Stradman,” below.

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Tesla Cybertruck gets donut treatment in snowy weather review


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