Tesla Cybertruck clone takes on heavy Siberian snow in off road tests

Tesla’s unique Cybertruck design has gained the attention of the automotive world, including a Russian mechanic who fabricated a near-identical Cybertruck prototype for deep winter testing in Siberia.

YouTube channel Кик Обзор (translated to Kik Review) fabricated a Cybertruck in its production garage, creating quite possibly the most realistic clone of Tesla’s futuristic truck to date. The engineers and builders at Kik Review built the Cybertruck by using the exact dimensions and specifications that Tesla has listed for its first pickup.

After putting the final touches on the Cybertruck clone, the team at GARAG54 loaded it onto a hauler and transported it to a local snow-covered field. The Cybertruck managed to drive through the accumulation with little issue, and nothing significant enough to stop the test.

The Cybertruck clone was then taken into the nearby town of Novosibirsk near the Trans-Siberian Railway in Southern Russia and gained the attention of pedestrians and fellow drivers. The truck was the center of attention, being recorded on video and being snapped for photos on people’s cell phones, evidently because of its unique design and polarizing build.

“We have arrived in almost the center of the city, and people walk by, the reactions of the kids, it is very cool,” the channel’s host says. “It attracts attention to itself very much, its cool because the shape is unusual and men and women take out their phone to snap pictures.”

GARAG54 and Kik Review plan to keep the Cybertruck copy for themselves and have no plans to disassemble the vehicle.

The Cybertruck became a pop culture icon after its unveiling event last year. The vehicle became the focus of memes and music videos, and celebrities and public figures showed their support for the one-of-a-kind truck. Most interestingly, many people have attempted to build replicas of the Cybertruck, but this one from GARAG54 may be the best one to date.

Tesla will begin producing both the $49,990 Dual-Motor and $69,990 Tri-Motor variants of the truck in late 2021. The $39,990 Single Motor trim will be available the following year in 2022. All of the variants will come standard with Autopilot and an Adaptive Air Suspension feature, a necessary feature according to Elon Musk after he watched a Ford pickup become inoperable following an attempt to carry a 3,000-lb payload.

You can watch the video of Kik Review and GARAG54’s Cybertruck clone below.

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Tesla Cybertruck clone takes on heavy Siberian snow in off road tests


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