Tesla Cybertruck ‘Beast Mode,’ wheel options, accessories leak ahead of launch

Tesla Cybertruck accessories, along with two wheel options, “Beast Mode,” and a Base Camp attachment leaked through an app update ahead of the pickup’s launch on Thursday.

Tesla has kept many of the details surrounding the Cybertruck under wraps as the automaker will finally deliver the first units to customers tomorrow.

Ahead of what is expected to be one of the biggest product launches in company history, several things about the Cybertruck leaked via Tesla App Updates on X, showing everything from “Beast Mode” to various accessories and customizable options.

Tesla Beast Mode

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has teased world-class performance out of the Cybertruck for some time. Recently, he spoke about something called “Beast Mode” with Joe Rogan on the JRE Podcast, indicating the Cybertruck would be capable of face-melting 0-60 MPH acceleration rates.

The exact specifications of Beast Mode will likely be revealed to the public tomorrow at the event, and would likely be available on the top trim level of the Cybertruck.

It appears “Beast Mode” animations were leaked in within an app update:

Tesla has routinely used performance metrics to hype its vehicles, but with the Cybertruck, it is a bit different. The Cybertruck is a pickup that will be used for utility, and most of the time, trucks do not have exceptional performance metrics.

However, Tesla does things a little bit differently, and while the Cybertruck will still have impressive utility features, the automaker is not stopping short of emphasizing the impressive performance it could have.

Tesla Cybertruck Base Camp

The Cybertruck is going to feature plenty of accessories, as there will be opportunities to fine-tune the pickup for certain purposes that cater to the owner.

Camping is likely going to be one of the more popular uses for the Cybertruck, as it features a lot of things that are useful when you’re out in the wilderness.

Tesla is not stopping there. Apparently, there is going to be a Base Camp attachment that will act as a roof to protect campers from the elements. There is also a “tent mattress.”

The Cybertruck will have plenty of uses, and Tesla will capitalize on its potential as an ideal vehicle for camping. There should be other accessories in the works as well.

Wheel Options

There are three wheel options: Standard, which will come in 18 and 20-inch, and Premium.

Tesla offers several options for wheels on all of its vehicles and has given owners the opportunity to choose from looks that have more functionality and others that have a sportier look.


The shortlist of accessories appears to be a light bar, for now. Along with the Base Camp, which is optional, we would have to assume that Tesla is still developing other things for the Cybertruck.

A light bar is a commonly used accessory on pickups and other rugged terrain vehicles.

The coding within the app also mentions this as an optional accessory, so we’ll expect to see it in the Cybertruck Shop on Tesla’s website after the event.

Tesla will be livestreaming the delivery event on Thursday, and you’ll be able to watch it here.

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Tesla Cybertruck ‘Beast Mode,’ wheel options, accessories leak ahead of launch


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