Tesla crushes yet another Supercharger milestone

Tesla has reached a global Supercharger placement milestone after expanding in key markets, making it easier than ever to charge your Tesla.

For those who have never driven an electric vehicle, one of the primary concerns of EV ownership is access to charging no matter where they would like to go. Now, Tesla has announced that it is one step closer to thoroughly addressing this concern, if it hasn’t already, as it announced on Twitter that it now operates over 5,000 Supercharger sites globally, which is a substantial growth from the last report, just one month ago.

Tesla’s announcement was made from the Tesla Charging Twitter account, which compared the Supercharger Network’s infancy to now.

According to Tesla’s earnings call from just last month, the automaker was operating 4,947 Supercharger sites globally at the end of Q1, indicating that the company has placed at least 53 new stalls since that report was put together. The Q1 earnings deck notes that an average of 9 stalls are installed per site, more than double the industry average. Tesla Supercharger placements grew 33% year-over-year during Q1.

One key area where Tesla has grown substantially over the first half of the year is Japan, where the American automaker is still working to establish a strong demand for its products. Likely influenced by Japanese automakers, Japanese consumers have not gravitated toward EVs as fast as their Western counterparts, even lagging behind the United States, which is far from a leader regarding EV adoption. Luckily, with a continued dedication to charging expansion, this market attitude may finally change.

Tesla Japan announced this morning that the 300th Supercharger had been placed in the country.

Looking to the future, the Supercharger Network has a lot to look forward to. Tesla has announced that it remains dedicated to improving the performance of its route planning system, which will, in turn, improve the load capacity of the world’s largest EV charging network. Furthermore, Tesla is far from done placing chargers, even in its home market of the United States, where it continues to grow its market presence overall.

Beyond these software and expansion improvements, the company is expanding access to other EVs in many notable markets, including the United States (thanks to the Magic Dock) and Europe. Moreover, Tesla is now introducing its fourth-generation Supercharger, which is set to make charging faster and more efficient than ever before.

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Tesla crushes yet another Supercharger milestone


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