Tesla completes drawing for Cybertruck delivery event

The list of attendees for the Tesla Cybertruck’s first delivery event has been finalized. The update was posted on X by Tesla Head of Investor Relations Martin Viecha. 

In late October, Viecha noted in a post on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, that the Cybertruck Delivery Event lottery was underway. At the time, the Tesla executive advised those who wish to attend the event to sign up at the company’s Investor Relations website. 

As per Viecha’s recent update, the random drawing for the event’s attendees has been completed. Invites to the delivery event should also be out soon. 

“Random drawing has been completed. Good luck everyone! If you don’t know who to bring as your +1, don’t forget to invite a fellow community member. Invites will be out soon(ish),” Viecha wrote in his post. 

The Tesla Cybertruck delivery event is set for November 30, 2023, at Gigafactory Texas. Similar to other key Tesla events, the Cybertruck’s first deliveries would be livestreamed to the public. A link to the Cybertruck first delivery event livestream does not seem to be available yet. 

Tesla’s official page for the Cybertruck delivery event drawing terms includes several key reminders for those who will be attending the occasion. For one, Tesla highlighted that invitations to the event are not transferable, though attendees could bring one guest with them. Those who are selected to attend the occasion will be notified by direct email. 

While the Cybertruck’s first deliveries are just a few weeks away, key details about the upcoming all-electric pickup truck remain unknown. That being said, sightings of the Cybertruck in the wild have been increasing in frequency as of late. Just recently, for example, the Cybertruck was photographed in Florida towing what appeared to be a 21-foot boat. The vehicle was also sighted doing off-road tests at Hollister Hills in California. 

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Tesla completes drawing for Cybertruck delivery event, invites to be released soon


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