Tesla China sees 7,400 insurance registrations in 2024’s second week

Tesla China appears to be continuing its vehicle export activities this January. As per industry watchers, the electric vehicle maker saw 7,400 new insurance registrations for the week of January 8-14, 2024. The results represent an improvement of 131.25% compared to the previous week’s 3,200 registrations. 

Tesla China does not release the results of its weekly domestic sales, though it is possible to gauge the electric vehicle maker’s overall performance in the local Chinese market through the number of the company’s new vehicle insurance registrations. Fortunately, these registrations are tracked closely by industry watchers and companies like Li Auto, which has posted China’s weekly insurance figures for some time now. 

And as per Li Auto’s recent data, Tesla China has seen a total of 10,600 new vehicle registrations during January 2024’s first two weeks. While this is a notable decline from December’s impressive registration figures, the electric vehicle maker does tend to sell fewer cars domestically when it is focusing on meeting the orders for Model 3 and Model Y that were placed in territories that are supplied by Giga Shanghai. 

For context, Tesla China sold a total of 94,139 vehicles in December 2023, as per data from the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA). From this number, 75,805 of the vehicles were sold in the domestic Chinese market and 18,334 were exported abroad. This is quite interesting as Tesla China typically focuses only on the domestic market in the final month of a quarter. 

Wall Street veteran and Tesla bull Gary Black, who is closely monitoring the company’s results in China, observed that Tesla China’s two-week results in January 2024 so far correspond to a +24.7% quarter-over-quarter increase and a -28.2% year-over-year decline. 

Tesla Giga Shanghai plays a notable role in the electric vehicle maker’s global operations. The facility serves as the company’s vehicle export hub, and for the past few months, it was also the sole facility capable of producing the upgraded Model 3. Giga Shanghai sold 947,742 vehicles last year, accounting for 52.4% of the company’s 1,808,581 cars that were sold worldwide

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Tesla China sees 7,400 insurance registrations in 2024’s second week


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