Tesla celebrates 6 million vehicle production milestone

Tesla has announced that it has reached a cumulative production of 6 million vehicles. That’s an amazing achievement for a young carmaker that has so far only offered a handful of premium electric cars to consumers since its earliest days. 

The electric vehicle maker announced the milestone in a post on social media platform X. As could be seen from the short video clip posted by Tesla, the company’s 6 millionth vehicle is a Stealth Gray Tesla Model Y produced at the Fremont Factory. The vehicle was surrounded by a group of Tesla employees who were celebrating the milestone. 

Tesla thanked its customers over the years in its commemorative post. “Produced our 6 millionth car! Thank you to our owners & teams around the world for your support & hard work—it truly matters,” the electric vehicle maker wrote in its X post. 

Tesla CEO Elon Musk celebrated the milestone in a post on X. “Congrats Tesla Team!” Musk wrote

Tesla Vice President of Finance Sendil Palani provided some background on Tesla’s milestone. “After our initial ~2,400 vehicles (original Roadster, hand-assembled in the back of our Sales/Service location in Menlo Park, CA over five years), the Fremont factory was the site of our first ‘high volume’ product, the Model S. It launched at an aspirational capacity of 20,000 vehicles *per year*. Nice to celebrate our 6 millionth car pictured back where it all began,” the Tesla executive wrote. 

What is particularly impressive about Tesla’s recent post is the fact that the company just announced a similar milestone about 6.5 months ago. In mid-September 2023, Tesla revealed that it had produced its 5 millionth car. And in early March 2023, Tesla announced on X, that it had produced its 4 millionth vehicle at Giga Texas. 

Tesla’s production milestones show that the company has truly become a mainstream automaker that can stand toe-to-toe with the best in the electric vehicle sector. As per Tesla watchers, Tesla took a whole 12 years to produce 1 million vehicles. The 2 million-vehicle mark took 15 months, and hitting 3 million vehicles only took 10 months. 

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Tesla celebrates 6 million vehicle production milestone


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