Tesla appears to have wrapped a Cybertruck to look like an F-150 Lightning

Tesla appears to have wrapped a Cybertruck to look like a Ford F-150 Lightning for some strange reason.

Tesla’s Cybertruck is nearing its first deliveries after being unveiled in November 2019, and over the past few months, we’ve seen an increase in sightings of the vehicle on public roads.

The most recent sightings have been more interesting than anything previously seen, as Tesla is now letting Cybertrucks with a variety of wraps out onto the roads. So far, we’ve seen two variations of camouflage on the Cybertruck, with the most recent appearing for the first time late last week.

We know Tesla has said in the past that the Cybertruck can be wrapped in any color or pattern, but it appears the company’s reputation for trolling rival automakers has taken a new turn as Greggertruck shared an image of a Cybertruck wrapped as the F-150 Lightning.

Perhaps Tesla will push this Cybertruck wrap out into the wild next, and it will evidently turn some heads, especially considering the nature of the design. Ford’s F-150 Lightning is one of the few all-electric pickups out on the market and will go head-to-head with the Cybertruck, along with other offerings from companies like General Motors and Rivian.

Tesla’s biggest strategy with the Cybertruck design was to offer consumers something that was far outside the norm. During the Cybertruck unveiling event, the company highlighted the century-long design of pickups, which had changed minimally throughout the course of time. Tesla aimed to do something different.

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But we also know that Tesla is far from a normal company and would do various things to troll its competitors. This seems to be the latest example of that.

The image does reveal a new detail about the frunk, which appears to be relatively small based on the components hidden beneath the hood. The Cybertruck is void of the plastic cutout that would cover the components, but based on the image, it seems like the frunk would be relatively small. Given that the pickup is going to have a large bed and tonneau cover, it may not be necessary to have a large frunk.

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Tesla appears to have wrapped a Cybertruck to look like an F-150 Lightning


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