Tesla app tests filtering, destination chargers and more in Canada

Tesla’s latest mobile app update added a handful of useful test features in Canada, notably including the ability to filter charging points by amenities, the addition of Destination Chargers and more.

The Tesla mobile app update version 4.26 began rolling out this week, including the addition of Recent Trips in the navigation tab and changes to the user interface for the Trip Planner. Not a Tesla App also spotted on Tuesday that Tesla is testing features in Canada with the mobile app update such as filtering and the addition of Destination Charging, though it appears to be only available in Canada at this point.

Those using the app in Canada will now be able to see Destination Chargers on the app along with Tesla’s Superchargers. They’ll also be able to see several different amenity filters, letting you search for charging stations that include restrooms, restaurants, shopping, Wi-Fi, lodging, cafes, 24-hour operation, or any combination of those.

Along with the inclusion of amenities, the filtering options include the ability to search for chargers by power level, charging type, distance, or charger availability. You can see screenshots from the Tesla app update below including the filter options and Supercharger availability.

Credit: Not a Tesla App

Credit: Not a Tesla App

Tesla regularly tests certain features in specific markets before releasing them to the broader community, and Not a Tesla App says this is likely what’s going on with the filtering update.

In time, the improvements should make navigation even easier for drivers, and it should continue to make third-party charging platforms like Electrify America, ChargePoint, and PlugShare less necessary that offer information like availability, charger reviews and more.

Tesla has also recently added the ability to monitor home energy controls from the mobile app, letting users manage their Wall Connector from a smartphone while setting charging schedules and more.

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Tesla app tests filtering, destination chargers and more in Canada


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